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Kernelnewbies - Resource page for the newbie kernel hacker. The Linux Kernel Archives - This is the primary site for the Linux kernel source. - Alan Cox's webpage, stable kernel release notes, and Linux news. The SIG11 problem - Possible causes of a signal 11 occurring while compiling the kernel. Improving (network) IO performance ... - A study on how to improve network performance. T/TCP for Linux - An implementation of T/TCP (Transaction TCP) for the Linux kernel. MPLS, Linux & Networking - Information about MPLS and network implementation issues on Linux. The CML2 Resources Page - Project to create a new configuration system for the Linux kernel build process Linux Memory Management Subsystem - Documentation and development news for the memory management subsystem of the kernel. Mailslots - New IPC Technique combining features of POSIX and System V Message Queues which provides a new role based security access. Linux Weekly News - Coverage of Linux Kernel development. Cooperative Linux - Port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongside another operating system on a single machine. LKML.ORG - Archive of Linux Kernel Mailing List. It has some features like viewing the latest messages and the most popular messages. Linux Kernel Configuration Archive - Web interface that helps tracking changes in modern Linux kernel configs. Includes description of available options from the source. Linux Compressed Cache - Details an experimental, additional level in the virtual memory hierarchy. KDB - A built-in kernel debugger from SGI released under the GPL license. Site offers some documentation of the project and download section. Modest - An LKM piece of code that allows to any user, running an user-mode control application which interacts with kmodest char driver using ioctl() syscalls, to redirect write() calls to a second file descriptor. Website contains news related to the project, downloads and some documentation. Linux Kernel Mailing List Archive - Searchable archive of kernel development e-mail list.
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