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Boot Managers are small applications which allow a user to boot a computer into an operating system, or one of a selection of operating systems.
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MasterBooter - Boot manager which can be used to install and maintain operating systems on a PC. Supports many operating systems. Shareware and registered versions available. zBoot Manager - An effective boot manager, which allows the easy install and use of multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. Directly install other OSs to extended partitions and logic drivers. Netboot - Includes boot manager functionality and boots Linux, DOS and FreeBSD via a TCP/IP network using BOOTP and TFTP. Gujin Boot/Linux/System Loader - For PCs, analyzes filesystems, supports Linux kernel and chainboot. Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) - Archive of a project to create a graphical boot loader. Includes manual, FAQ and source code. GAG - Graphical Boot Manager - An open source graphical boot manager which supports up to 9 operating systems. Screen shots, version history and download. OSL2000 - A universal boot manager allowing selection from a number of operating systems. Includes support for booting from USB, CDROM and other devices. SOLO: Shag/Os LOader - Boot loader for Shag/OS which also supports, Linux and other PC operating systems. Includes source. SyMon - Boot manager with support of up to 36 primary partitions, Multi-booting Solaris and Other Operating Systems - Describes installing Solaris on a PC with other OSs, and joint use of Solaris boot manager and other boot loaders. RMPrepUSB - Free USB formatting and preparation Windows utility to make bootable USB drives. EasyUEFI - A free software to manipulate the EFI/UEFI boot entries. The SysLinux Project - Home of SysLinux (floppy), PXELinux (network), ISOLinux (CD-ROM), ExtLinux (ext2/3) utilities to boot Linux kernel; MemDisk, tool to boot legacy OSs (e.g., DOS) from nontraditional media. MATTsoft Boot Manager: MBTMGR - Boots multiple OSs, including several on one FAT partition. Download, installation documents.
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