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Open Handset Alliance Releases Android SDK - Official announcement of the availability of the Android SDK. Android Developers Blog - Provides project's news, tips and tricks and development examples. Hello Android - Provides the SDK's news, tutorials, links for downloads and a discussion board. MotoDev - Motorola developer network for Android explains how to develop and distribute an app. Includes podcasts, events and links with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Android Developers - Official site provides the SDK, Developer's Guide, Reference, and Android Market for the open source project. Includes announcements, videos, blog and resources. Developer Works: Introduction to Android development - Detailed app development introductory tutorial from IBM. Pandacomb - Aims to bring Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the Pandaboard. Site hosts a development Wiki for the project, as a link between the developers and the public. Android Development - Tutorials about development for Android: tools installation, debugging, using Fragments and the ActionBar, file and network access and other topics. Google Developers - Google on Android - Information about Google projects based on the Android platform including external libraries, applications, hosted services and APIs, and the Android Developer Contest. Make Me Droid - Online mobile application builder, without code, with live updates technology. Amdromo - An online Android app maker, no programming required. Mobincube - Online tool to build apps (including ones for Android) with database management, maps and PayPal integration. Infinite Monkeys - Web-based drag-and-drop platform for creating rich native mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and HTML5 smartphones, with no coding required. Android Programming Tutorial - Extensive set of free Android programming tutorials with complete source code available for download. Appsme - Offers a simple way to create mobile apps for iPhone and Android. ArtfulBits Android GUI Prototyping Stencil - Professional GUI prototyping stencil for Visio. Free to use. Android Creator - Wizard to develop Android apps quickly and easily. How To install Android SDK with Eclipse from Scratch - Showing how to install a complete development kit for Android on Windows. Step by step with screenshots. Learn Android - Learn Android development with tutorials and code samples. Android File Host - A place where developers can share their work on the open source Android OS. AppHome - Free app maker for Android and iOS. An Android Developer's Top 10 Gripes - A veteran mobile application developer vents his frustration with a list of 10 things he loves to hate about Android. Diagram of Android Internals - Diagram of Android Internals with names of significant API objects, functions, managers, services, libraries, daemons. Android For PC - How to set up an Android Mini PC and other development-related posts. AirBop - GCM Push Messaging for Android app developers. Surviving w/ android - Android developer blog. Tutorials for Android development. Program for android - Android programming tutorials, solutions and news. DevsNest - A place for all Android/iPhone owners to have their own spot. Tapjoy Developers - Tapjoy's mobile advertising platform drives value for app developers by connecting advertisers with consumers looking to engage with their brand. - Virtual hub for all things mobile where mobile developers and users come together to share ideas, ask questions and learn from each other. Kulíš Android - Android game development, tutorials and game reviews focused on the indie game industry. MiKandi Developer Portal - Offers developers of adult apps the tools and related API documentation to market, monetize and deliver content to Android devices. Techie Community Network - Examples on how to use Android API. AndroidBegin - Android tutorials, tips and guides for developers. - Tutorials on Android application development. Download source code and apps for free. ActionBarSherlock - An extension of the compatibility library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android. TutorialsBuzz - Android development tutorials which cover installation, layout design, UI controls, fragments, file writing, SQLite database and other topics. One Platform Foundation - A global, open-source initiative to enable developers to easily code and submit their apps across multiple alternative appstores. The Developer World Is Yours - Code samples, tips and stories about software development focused on the Android platform. Spec Device - Database of Android device specifications. The Android Arsenal - Directory of libraries and tools for Android developers. GPS/NMEA simulator - Online GPS/NMEA simulator for Android Virtual Devices with motion support and minimal need for software installation. WatchfacePRO - Free online tool to create and customize Android watchfaces. Basic4android - A Rapid Application Development tool for Android devices. Showcase of examples, detailed documentation, active forum. AndroVM - Open source project which aims at providing support to run Android in virtual environments on Window, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. App Inventor Blocks - Tool to create Android apps without any knowledge in programming. Tutorials, downloadable source code of sample apps, tips, and tricks. New Digital Times - Easy way to create applications for Android. Rocket App Builder - An Android and iOS App Maker that allows users to create apps without writing a single line of code. Greenrobot - Download and documentation of open-source libraries for mobile developers: greenDAO, EventBus, Essentials. Pushtry - Online tool to test Apple push notification service (APNS) and Google cloud messaging (GCM) without the need to set up any backend. It helps the developers to test Push Notification functionality without web developer support. 80+ Best Resources for Android Developers 2016 - A comprehensive list of the best blogs, forums, videos, and communities for Android developers and designers.
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