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These are software packages which provide services of one form or another over the Internet.
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InfoBlox Inc. - Plug-and-play server appliances for the Large Enterprise market. These appliances combine software, customized operating system, and optimized hardware into a simple to use system that is ready to use in 10 minutes. Simple web browser interface means IT staff is freed from unnecessary complexity. Obsidian Communication Server - Suite of services and training for Linux. The KA9Q Gopher & WWW Server - Description and background information for this free tool, of mainly historical interest. SmartMax Software - MailMax and FTPMax products. Customer reviews, documentation and support pages. [Windows] iButton: Tiny InterNet Interface - System provides a variety of hardware with the ability to talk to networks. News, downloads, interest group, FAQ. Netwin Software Corporation - E-mail, news, Web mail, FTP, and instant messaging products. Free trial versions, pricing details, support pages including full text manuals. commzGATE SMS Application Ser vers - An SMS messaging server for extending infrastructure with wireless messaging capabilities, such as enterprise system alerts, marketing messages and mobile collaboration. ClearFoundation - A Linux solution that recycles an old PC into an Internet gateway. News, mailing list, screen shots, download, documentation. UserGate security server - Various server solutions: DNS filter, mail server, proxy. Dedicated Server School - Provides daily articles and tips for dedicated and virtual servers, as well as information on emerging technologies and suggestions for people in need of server recommendations. HiveMQ Message Broker - Implements the Message Queue Telemetry Transport protocol, the de-facto M2M messaging standard.
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