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This category is for communications software, generally computer-to-computer communications. It is not the appropriate category for telephony software, including paging, nor it is the proper place for shareware, including chat software.
Sites [ Submit ] - Provides general information about Odette's communications work. TAL Technologies - Software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software. Boldon James - Developers of innovative communications software, specializing in secure messaging, directories and legacy systems integration. Interactive Intelligence - Software communications solutions to enterprises, contact centers, and other organizations. Products designed for SIP-enabled IP telephony and IP PBX as well as traditional TDM solutions. Serengeti Systems Incorporated - Serengeti manufactures PC-Host connectivity and communications products. Products include: 3270Link - PC-Host 3270 Emulation (New!) 3770Link = 3770 SNA/RJE Emulation 3780Link - 3780/2780 RJE Emulation BSCLIB - Bisync Developer's Toolkit BatchFile - Async File Transfer (Available Soon). Metropolis Technologies, Inc. - Call Accounting software for hotels and businesses running Windows 95/98/NT. Ericom Software - Ericom is the developer of the PowerTerm series of terminal emulation products. These products guaranty reliable pc-to-host connectivity and support a full line of emulation types, including IBM (TN3270E, 3270, 3278), Digital (VT520, VT420,VT320,VT220), Wyse and General Data. OUISoft - Offers a full featured e-mail and news reader in one program. MultiSource - Offers FaxWizard for Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, ME, 2000 and XP. VyPRESS Research - Software for direct instant messaging and chatting in LAN (instead WinPopup), intranet and Internet. USDM - Universal RS232 data protocol analyzer is a Windows PC based RS232 serial data protocol analysis software application designed for technicians and engineers. Designed to display and record high speed serial data using the PC serial port(s). Interactive Sales Solutions, Inc. - Provides interactive voice response (IVR) data collection systems and services tailored to the sales, merchandising, and survey industries. CTI Communications - Manufacturer of computer software specifically oriented toward secure TCP/IP or 3780 BSC electronic mailboxing store-and-forward file transfer applications. Satmaster Satellite - Satellite link budget, antenna aiming and solar outage software. NetSupport Inc. - Home of the remote control software, NetSupport Manager. Runs on Dos. Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT 4.0/5.0, OS/2, Alpha. Also runs over LAN, WAN and Internet. SDD Systems - AS400 and NT call accounting software and hospitality industry telemanagement systems. ComForte GmbH - TANDEM terminal based application access SHF Computers LTD - Software consulting, development and testing for communications, real-time and other systems in various development environments. Wireless Applications Corp. - Telecommunications software and engineering consulting. TeleManagement Technologies, Inc. - Provides web enabled Call Accounting Software (WinCall) and Telecom Bill Tracking software (WinBill) to control your complete telecommunications operation. Crytycal Services Management - Provider of software and service solutions for proactive secured remote monitoring and maintenance of voice, data and network products. Microcall - Call Accounting and Telemanagement software for business telephone systems. FacetCorp - Business communications solutions including VoIP PBX systems. Also offer Unix to Windows connectivity and terminal emulation systems. Based in Plano, Texas, USA. LAN Messenger - Instant LAN messaging for the office - communications and management applications and software. Praya - Provides one window for all messages, protocols included are DICT, IRC, gale, Maildir, a timer, and Yahoo! Pager. TBT/400 - A communications platform providing for all transfers directly from IBM AS/400 hosts.
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