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SecureMac - Macintosh security mailing list for advisories, patches, and alerts. Risks Digest - Forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems. FreeBSD Resources - Mailing lists pertaining to FreeBSD. freebsd-security and freebsd-security-notifications are sources of official FreeBSD specific notifications. CyberCrime-Alerts - Computer crimes and related arrests are the focus of these mail alerts. Subscribers can receive 5-20 messages per week as news breaks. IWS INFOCON Mailing List - Devoted to the discussion of cyberthreats and all aspects of information operations, including offensive and defensive information warfare, information assurance, psychological operations, electronic warfare. Bugtraq Moderated by Security Focus - Bugtraq mailing list archives of UNIX, NT, Win95, Novell, and Mac, bugs and exploits. Microsoft TechNet Security - Product Security Notification - Microsoft techNet Security - Product Security Notification. Instructions on how to join the mailing list for Product Security bulletins notification. Debian GNU/Linux -- Mailing List Subscription - Security mailing lists that deal with Debian Linux security issues, specifically the debian-security-announce and debian-security lists. Moderated Firewall and Security Mailing List - Firewall-wizards is a high-quality fully moderated firewall and security mailing list. The 'Security Digest' Archives - Dedicated to the history of the early 'Security Digest' archives, from the Unix 'Security Mailing List', through the Zardoz 'Security Digest' to the Core 'Security List'. Der Keiler - Searchable real-time updated archive of major security lists and newsgroups, including Cert, Securiteam, Linuxsecurity, VulnWatch, Full-Disclosure, Bugtraq, Incidents, Securityfocus, and several Usenet groups. SecuriTeam Mailing Lists - Location of various security mailing lists pertaining to exploits, hacking tools, and others. Computer Forensics Training Mailing List - Computer Forensics and incident response mailing list SCADA Security List - Mailing list concerning DCS and SCADA Security InfoSec News - Privately-run medium traffic list that caters to distribution of information security news articles. ISO17799 & ISO27001 News - News, background and updates on these international security standards.
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