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Shiflett, Chris - A PHP author, blogger, and speaker. Shymbra, Taras - Resume, projects, documents. Photo album. Stevens, Andrew - Information on search engines, XML, Internet privacy, web development, usability, Internet statistics/demographics, information architecture, and random personal stuff. Siddique, Abdul Rasheed - Area interest (graphics, programming) and some information about the author himself. Seker, Sadi Evren - Contact info and CV. Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, C, Lisp, SQL sources and applications. Linux page. Shaw, Dale - Stuff for VB, Delphi, SQL and Access. Some sources. Sundaran, T.Meenakshi - Author's software and sourcecodes of VB, C, C++, Java, Asp. Also it provides technical and career resources, technical resource, interview tips, career tips. Semack, Myron - About. Weblog - The life of an embedded software engineer. Friends and technology links. Recommended reading (magazines and books). Santos, Jonathan - Skills. Collection of programming and design tips. Hobbies. Art attempts. Photos. Stanyer, Paul - Personal information and resume. Source code for various programming projects and also some complete programs. Senturk, Ozer - Source code, example programs and complete projects written in C/C++, C++ Builder, Visual Basic, OpenGL, Perl/CGI. Smith, Michael - Computer scientist at the University of Edinburgh. Site contains personal weblog, academic research, publications, and revision notes. Sie, Jimmy - Contents include programming (C function reference, ASCII table), mathematics (The Monty Hall Dilemma), music sections. Journal. Strehovsky, Michal - Author of SysTuner, ACLib, Empathy and other programs. Sporsheim, Haakon - News, projects (C++, C#) and other information concerning software development. Strackany, Ben - DevelopmentNow - Forums, information, and a weblog oriented towards software developers and other IT professionals. Archive of dotnet.* newsgroups. Sample, Neal - A database and systems researcher at Stanford University. A collection of recent CS publications. S., Anantha J. - A list of current projects, photography, and favorite quotes from a Senior Software Engineer. Stroeger, Kim - Resume, pictures, and links.
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