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Carre, Arnaud "Leonard" - Some programming tutorials (3d, DirectX, and game development), author's work on various emulators (PaCifiST, SainT). ST-Sound program and ATARI related stuff (demos, hardware development kit). Cheshire, Stuart - Networking wizard and author of the classic tank game Bolo. Chimev, Ralin - Education, career, certificates and projects. Resume. C++ article and test. Photos and fun. Carle, Bruno - Some samples of non commercial programming e.g. a lisp like interpreter, lambda calculus interpreter, regular expression tool, and more useless stuff with C++ and Java sources. CV in English, Spanish, French and Italian languages. Carlton, David - Personal info. One from GDB developers. Also working on interpreter for the Z-Machine byte-code language. Go game resources. Colville, Stuart - Muffin Research Labs - Covering PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, web standards and development, best practices and Linux administration. Cruciani, Daniele - Smart(an)go - Articles on writing software, development tool and anything that make programming task more easy. Resume. Cantoni, Matteo - Information about computer security and networking. Author's projects, papers, code and configuration templates. Conrad, Jack G. - Senior Research Scientist with Thomson Legal and Regulatory's Research and Development department. Technology areas include Information Retrieval, Data Mining, and Document Clustering. Crintea, Dan - Links for programmers: on Java, PHP, utilities; and brief C.V. Curn, Jan - Open software development, projects, and activities. Cadenhead, Rogers; Workbench - Wide range of topics, more computer- and Web-oriented, programming; Java, Linux, MySQL, Windows XP, XML.
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