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Metaprogramming (synonym: generative programming): a style of programming in which, in some way, a program writes or modifies some code in some language. Compilers and self-modifying programs are two examples of metaprograms.
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Dynamic Languages Group - MIT AI Lab - Covers reflection, self-modifying code or mutable MOPs, Dylan, and aspect-oriented programming. - Dedicated to tools and information related to model-driven system development, aiming at supporting OMG's vision of MDA. Automated Code Generation - Page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki. Code Generation is a Design Smell - Controversy page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki. Are You Missing out on Code Generation? - Writing EJBs by hand wastes effort and time; using the passive wizards in today's IDEs is as bad. Solution: use active code generation. Learn why this is a good idea despite the FUD against it. DevX. Tim Sheard's Page - Researches the design, implementation, use of metaprogramming systems, created MetaML, many links on functional metaprogramming, NSF papers. Portland State University, Computer Science Department. A Comparative Analysis of Meta-programming and Aspect-Orientation - Investigation of language constructs to support improved separation of crosscutting concerns. By Jeffrey G. Gray, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham. Eclipse Modeling Project - Focuses on evolving and promoting model-based development technologies by providing unified set of modeling frameworks, tooling, standards implementations; EMF, modeling framework and code generator to build tools and other programs based on structured data model. Descriptions, documents, downloads. IPAD Pro - Meta CASE tool. It allows developers to build CASE tools that allow end users to use graphical object manipulation to design and maintain end user systems. It incorporates a high level visual programming interface and provides multiplatform GUI and execution environment. The Art of Metaprogramming, Part 1: Introduction to Metaprogramming - An under-used programming technique is writing programs that generate programs or program parts. Covers: why metaprogramming is needed, some components of it, building a code generator; language-sensitive macro programming in Scheme. IBM developerWorks.
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