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Snook, Jonathan - Snook's Technical Reference - A collection of articles covering out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Covering many technologies such as ActiveX, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript. Also resume, Dreamweaver extensions. Torrent Universe - Personal site for Christopher Torrent. Contains an overview of the design principles and the technologies used to build web applications and web services. RaymondChow.Ca - Resume of Internet programming, portfolio, and display of web development projects. Thompson, Alexander - Tutorials on learning Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, Frames, Basic HTML, Forms and Tables. A link page linking you to many other tutorials. Lie, Håkon Wium - Information about, curriculum vitae and rantings from the inventor of Cascading Style Sheets. - Here you can find free scripts and wizards to spice up your home page. Popup-Windows, Tables, Dropdown Menus, and loads more can be created with entering values. Our World of Links - A collection of HTML guides to help with your personal home pages. Listing of sites with tutorials and overviews of style sheets and Links to lots of tutorials for the advance web page creators. Marek Gibney - Overview and insight of author's online projects. Mainly centered around how to use state of the art technology to improve online usability and the performance of online projects. White, Oliver - Resources and links for internet programming, download tools to create web sites. Photos. Articles and blogs. Price, Jason - TuxCode - NetObjects Fusion tutorial and downloads. Mounting ISO images driver for Windows 2000/XP. Delphi and Palm programming, web design links. Lozinski, David - Lozinski's Web Scripts - Collection of web-based programs for ASP, JSP/java servlets, Perl, and PHP which run on both Unix and Microsoft Windows servers. Personal interests, resume. TEG Design - Contains articles about web design and various Joomla components. GuyFromChennai - A blog with articles on PHP, ASP, XML, MySQL and other related web technologies. Shah, Vishal - Algorithms, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, internet programming articles. Blogs, events. Personal and family photos. Shteflyuk, Dmytro - Weblog about Web development, evolution of IT, popular languages and platforms for building rich Internet applications. Offers articles about Ruby on Rails, JavaScript with different frameworks and PHP. [English/Russian] Arul's Domain - Personal site for Arul John. Contains articles across a variety of topics including various tips, tricks regarding internet technology. Vuckovic, Dusan - Online work portfolio of web designer Dusan Vuckovic, with a large variety of work, unrelated projects, and photos. @daharveyjr - Contains resources, snippets, code samples, and articles related to Java, J2EE, PHP, DB2, and WebSphere Commerce as well as other internet development technologies. You're IT - Contains examples, discussions, and snippets around Java, J2EE, and various other internet technologies. Bob's Blog - Contains strategy, resources, and discussions around e-commerce, programming, and overall company strategy. Donna Fontenot - Personal site of Donna Fontenot, an author, novelist, WordPress specialist, and e-commerce coach. - A collection of write-ups, projects, and academic research about Java, Linux, Graphics, VIM and web design. - Resume, links to personal projects, and writings on software development by Jason Frame. Hexblot's Abode - Personal webspace of Hexblot, mostly about solutions to programming challenges with Drupal CMS in an enterprise, Windows-centric enviroment. Personal interest photos / hobby howtos as well. Weaving Magic - Notes and thoughts from experiences in the software industry. Matt's 411 - A personal blog on web development topics. Covering technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AJAX, CSS and DHTML. - Personal web site of Derek Allard. Topics include CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, and various other technologies. John Veldboom - Contains lessons learned through hands on development. Attila Oláh - Contains posts about programming, the web development process, projects and algorithms. Mostly in English, with occasional posts written in Hungarian or Serbian. Michael Kimpton - Contains project gallery, contact information, and a blog with topics including interesting gadgets and mobile related items. Matthias Mullie - Contains articles about web development with PHP, MySQL and related technologies. Xpert Bits - Contains tips used to solve technical and programming problems faced. Also contains tips & tricks for a digital world. Travis Beck - Travis Beck is a freelance web designer and developer specializing in XHTML/CSS and JavaScript. redgoose - redgoose is a personal web development blog and business located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. - Contains articles and resources related to DHTML, Databases, .NET, web standards, web applications, data modelling and distributed systems. Frank Marion's Blog - Contains a variety of CSS and Javascript snippets and tips. Niceoutput - Contains articles on the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. Dave McNally - Contains tutorials and tips about web design and standards. Also features a personal portfolio. CodeDiesel - Contains articles and thoughts on PHP & MySQL web development. Sawant Shah - Contains articles on web development and programming, including Ruby on Rails, PHP, iOS, HTML 5, and CSS. Claudiu Sabau - Portfolio website of Claudiu Sabau, software designer. Ruben Sargsyan - Topics range from PHP, Javascript, and WordPress plugins. Nyteshades - Contains the personal commentary of a 30 something aspiring to become a developer. Eric Goldman - Technical articles about computer/web security, system administration, and web development. Focus on LAMP, Joomla, security policy, and small business issues. - Notes and tips from based upon experiences with PHP-based Magento ecommerce development and Java web applications. Brian Martin - A portfolio website dedicated to Brian Martin. Colin Cochrane - Snippets and code from a software developer specializing in C#, PowerShell, web development and DevOps. Pman's Lab - A lab web site with various technical topics and programming tutorials. Marc Grabanski - Articles on web development with frequent topics: JavaScript, jQuery, CakePHP and PHP. Author is well-known for jQuery resources and code contributions to the jQuery project. Luke Marsh - A personal blog about web development and freelance experiences of the author, Luke Marsh. Alex Sablan - Public portfolio for a student in web development seeking internship and employment. Liam Stanley - Features projects, source code repository links, and contact information for Liam Stanley, a web developer. Anuj Gakhar - A blog on web and mobile development, content primarily consists of articles related to Javascript and Coldfusion. Carlos Umanzor - A personal site for web developer and automation specialist, Carlos Umanzor. Four Ton Fish - The personal website of Stefan Bohacek and contains code, blog, and tutorials. Frank Projects - Features the collection and portfolio of Frank Schreuder. Goker Cebeci - Personal development site of Goker Cebeci. Contains code, snippets, and articles on PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL. Garry Pritchard - Website for a web developer based in the UK. Contains articles on, C#, MSSQL, Silverlight and SEO.
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