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This category is for Personal sites that provide Graphics programming related information of some value.
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Doucette, Jason - Resume. Game, Artificial Intelligence projects. Real time software rendered computer graphic and demo effects. Screen shots, free samples and downloads. Klosiewicz, Przemek - SweetSheep Homepage - About. Graphics programming, Mandelbrot - Julia set explorer, RayMax - Raytracer, OpenGL. Photos. Spontz Scene Group - A group of computer-enthusiasts oriented to audiovisual production using low level and realtime techniques such as OpenGL or 3dfx mainly with Macintosh, Windows, Linux and BeOS. Harris, Kevin R. - CodeSampler - Several introductory OpenGL and Diretc3D samples, with many written in both for comparison. More advanced samples emphasis vertex and pixel shader development using nVIDIA's new Cg language. CG References and Tutorials by Malcolm Kesson - A collection of reference and tutorial pages relating to RenderMan, Maya/mel, Pixar slim, Houdini, Tcl, Shake scripting and C. Also provides a free text editor for Linux, Win and OSX. Boissard, Eric - Real-time ocean waves rendering - Real-time deep-ocean waves simulation. Rendering using vertex and pixels shaders. Portfolio. James, Grant - Zeus CMD - Tutorials on C++, Java, Photoshop, 3DMax, Visual Basic.NET, HTML. Gruaz, Raphael - Offers CV, projects (DirectX, Vertex Shader, Raytracing, C++, Java, Web), information on travels, and photos. Mizanin, Marek - Zanir - 3D graphic programs using OpenGL or Direct3D with source code (C++). Roel z'n Boel - Homepage, hosting personal projects related to programming in C++ and computer graphics (raytracing and real-time).
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