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A parallel computing project may be any research endeavor related to some aspect of parallel programming. Research that uses parallel computers to accomplish its goals (that is, research in another scientific field that involves running simulations or using visualization software) is found elsewhere in the directory (somewhere in Science hierarchy, in the specific category that seems most related to the subject of the research). Many of these projects are new and interesting ways of making parallel computers; others relate to parallel algorithms.
Many institutes have lots of research projects. Listings of research institutes that have a significant computer science bent (many of which have divisions that do scalable programming research) are in Computers/Computer_Science/Research_Institutes.
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MIT LCS Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems - Research in operating systems, networking, mobile computing, language design, compiler design, and architecture. Links to specific projects. VUB Parallel Computing Laboratory - Part of the Department of Electronics and Informatics of the faculty of Applied Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Design of Open Engineering Systems Laboratory - The DOES lab strives to find and develop fundamental scientific principles in design and to facilitate their application in practice and education. D System - Research into program analysis, code generation, and programming tools for data-parallel languages. Technical papers. SHRIMP - The Scalable High-performance Really Inexpensive Multi-Processor project investigates how to construct high-performance servers with a network of commodity PCs and commodity operating systems. Software and research papers. I-ACOMA - Illinois Aggressive Cache-Only Memory Project. Publications and links to related projects. Wisconsin Multifacet Project - Research to improve the performance of multiprocessor servers. Theses and other publications. Purdue's Adapter for Parallel Execution and Rapid Synchronization - Hardware to reduce latency in communication between nodes of a parallel computing cluster. Paper describes the performance and software interface. Parallel Parametric Modelling Engine - Cluster designed specifically for large parametric modelling computations. Offers case studies and performance metrics. UC Berkeley Clustered Computing - Project to develop and deploy a hierarchical campus-wide "cluster of clusters" to support advanced applications in scientific computing, simulation, and modelling. Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing - Computing and service center of University of Paderborn, Germany. Hosting and participating several national and international projects, operating innovative parallel computers. Good reputation in parallel computer science. HTCondor - Goal: develop, implement, deploy, and evaluate mechanisms and policies to support High Throughput Computing (HTC) on large collections of distributively owned computing resources. Descriptions, documents, successes, links.
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