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Sites [ Submit ] Open Source Definition - Not a license itself, but a definition of what conditions a license must fulfill in order to be termed an Open Source license. IBM - Common Public License (CPL) - Open source software license. BSD: FreeBSD Copyright - License for FreeBSD operating system. Open Source Software Licensing Page - Some very interesting articles on free software licensing: history, forms, and problems, seen from a commercial view. Links to some license texts and important open source sites. BSD: 4.4BSD Copyright - License for 4.4BSD. BSD: OpenBSD Copyright Policy - License and background on Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group copyrights. GNU General Public License (GPL) - One standard for licensing free software. GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) - Formerly: GNU Library GPL. E Licenses - Mozilla or Mozilla compatible, for E programming language. Amulet License Agreement - CMU Amulet Toolkit License Agreement. Amoeba copyright notice - A free software OS. License information for Xinu software - License for the XINU operating system Open Group Public License - Open Motif Graphical GUI Software, Public End User License. W3C IPR Software Notice - W3C = World Wide Web Consortium, one of the Internet's main standard-setting bodies. Vita Nuova Inferno Subscription License - Fee based, partly open source, for Lucent network OS. Lua Copyright notice - From Brazil, programming language framework. Bixoft Public License - A proposal for an Open Source license that clearly distinguishes between software programs and programming tools. Open Source Initiative - Licenses - Copies of licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative. Affero - General Public License - Copyleft license, derived from the GNU-GPL, designed to protect software distributed as web services. The Artistic License - Perl package license. Mozilla Public License - Describes the licensing policy of the Mozilla Foundation, and provides the full text of the license, and FAQs. PHP Licence Information - Covers licensing issues for developers distributing applications in PHP. Includes links to annotated version of the relevant licenses and other related resources. Apache Server Licenses - Overview of the different versions of the Apache licenses. Against DRM 2.0 - A free copyleft license for artworks, which forbids DRM. Includes licence text, FAQ, and a few translations. LaTeX Project Public License - Particularly suited for TeX-related programs. eCos License Overview - Summary of license for Red Hat eCos operating system. Quick Reference Guide - A chart comparing attributes of major licenses, including the option to select your bias. x-kernel Copyright Notice - Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona. BSD: NetBSD Licensing and Redistribution - License patterned after FreeBSD Copyright. MySQL Licensing - Complex hybrid license: public domain, GPL, LGPL, Open Source, commercial. Debian Social Contract - Initially designed as a set of commitments that the Debian developers agreed to abide by, it has later been adopted by the free software community as the basis of the Open Source Definition. The Open Directory Project's social contract was also inspired by it. GNU: List of Licenses - Various licenses and comments about them. Python License - A very permissive, open source compliant and GPL compatible license used by the team developing the Python programming language. Mozilla Public License Version 1.0 - Follows the Debian Free Software guidelines. Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing - Full text of the book by Andrew M. St. Laurent. Ruby License - Dual terms: use GPL terms or its own terms.
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