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Synthesizers create unusual sounds electronically or mechanically. Often come as analog hardware but there are software synthesizers that can achieve similar effects.
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Prophet 64 - Use your Commodore 64 as a TB-303 sequencer with a Prophet 5-like interface. Includes a random composer pattern generator. Sfx Audio Compiler System - Integrated development system to generate real-time audio effects and synthesizer instruments using SAOL with SoundFont 2 for Structured Audio Score Language (SASL) and MIDI compositions. Wusik - Featuring Wusikstation VSTi, a sample based virtual instrument for Windows VST hosts. Demo, forum, MP3 examples. Disco DSP - Company that develops Discovery and Vertigo and some effects. Description, screenshots, audio samples, downloadable demos. Spectrasonics - Virtual instruments like Stylus, Omnisphere and Trilian. Audio samples, worldwide distributors, online ordering. CreamWare - Makers of DSP and synthesizer software and hardware for PC and Mac. Sonorous codes - Creators of Atmogen, the visual additive software synthesizer. Grapesynth - A software synthesizer loosely based on the CZ series synth engine. Brainspawn - Offers the Forte soft-synth controller. Also a tone generator and a spectrum analyser. Applied Acoustics Systems - Develops Tassman and Lounge Lizard, virtual instruments based on physical modeling. Kiesel Software - Developers of the Helga softsynth. Manyetas: Ritmo - Audio Unit drumsampler for Mac OS X. Feature description, screenshots, audio samples, forum, downloadable demo and online ordering. Crystal - Semi-modular synthesizer featuring both subtractive and FM synthesis. Description, user guide, screenshots, downloadable demo. Virtual Synth Page - A resource about software synthesizers including background information and detailed reviews. Muon Software Ltd - Develops virtual instrument plug-ins for use with music recording software. Synapse Audio Software - Makers of Orion, Hydra and Scorpion. Screenshots, support and download area. Tweakbench - Creators of freeware VST Instruments for Windows. Doggiebox - Percussion sequencing application (drum machine) software for Mac OS X. Overview, screenshots, FAQ, mailing list and support area. SampleTank - Sound module which combines into a VST instrument, a sampler/synth engine with multisampled sounds. Arturia - Offers Moog Modular and CS-80V, a reproduction of the Yamaha CS-80. Specifications, audio samples, support, and download area. Yellow Tools - Development of sound libraries and virtual instruments such as Culture, Majestic and Candy. Feature description, support area and purchase information. AudioRealism - It develops Bass Line, a bass emulator. Main features, audio samples, support area, purchasing information. LinPlug Virtual Instruments - [Win - Mac] Several VST synths: screenshots, audio samples, download and support area. Sonic Charge µTonic - [Win] Drum and percussion synth combined with a pattern based engine. Features, audio samples, downloadable demo, purchasing information. Garritan Orchestral Libraries - Developing instruments based on Kontakt software technology. Audio samples, features description, news and purchasing information. FabFilter Software Instruments - Develops FabFilter One, a monophonic lead synthesizer in VST and AudioUnit format. Audio samples, downloadable demo. Psychic Modulation - [Win] Features several VST instruments by Jack Resweber. Downloadable demos. Synthogy - Company that develops Ivory, a sample based piano virtual instrument. Features, screenshots, demos, purchasing information. MachFive - Overview, screenshots and technical specifications of this sampler from MOTU. - Develops some virtual instruments and effects. Feature description, audio samples and demos available, screenshots, purchase information. MX4 - Virtual instrument from MOTU: overview, technical specifications, audio examples. Way Out Ware - TimewARP 2600 Arp 2600 emulator. RTAS plug-in. SoftPlug - Adventus VST synth offers leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos, for live performance work or sequencing. Demo available. Beatcraft - Virtual drum machine software. Make your own beat with 266 different drum sounds. KVR Audio - Software synthesizer news, resources, information and reviews. Stomper - Non-real time 808 and 909 drum synthesiser. Syntheway - Developer of several VST audio plugins. Overview, screenshots, audio examples and downloadable demos. Musicrow - Features several Instruments and Reaktor-5 ensembles. Luxonix - Develops Purity and other synthesizers. Specifications, audio samples, support and download area. Toontrack - Develops DFH Superior, a drum and percussion virtual instrument. Main features, forum and support area, audio and video demos, purchasing information. iDrum - Drum machine for Mac and PC: overview, screenshots, main features, purchasing information. PatchArena - Software synthesizer news, information, reviews, and a download area. Inspired Acoustics - Developers of acoustic and virtual pipe organ products. Reviews, audio examples, demos, purchasing information. IMEA Studio - Association of sound designer and developer, features tools and synthesizers based on an hybrid concept. Ilya Efimov Production - Creates libraries and virtual instruments of Russian ethnic instruments, acoustic guitar and bass. Audio demo available, immediate download. Zebra - Description, technical overview, screenshots, download area and purchasing information about this synth that combines subtractive and additive synthesis. VirSyn Software Synthesizer - Develops Tera and Cube. Description, downloadable demos, support area, company information.
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