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Software that puts out a sequence of values which can be understood by a synthesizer. An analog sequencer generates control voltages, and a MIDI sequencer generates MIDI values.
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Quaderno - For MIDI sequencing and to aid musical composition and research. Some unusual options. Anvil Studio - Win9x/NT freeware to multi-track record, compose, and edit with Audio and MIDI. Data Sonic - VSPro is a Win95 sequencing and notation package with a full graphic interface for Roland VS880 control and integration. n-Track Studio - Multitrack recording program offers realtime effects via DirectX plug-ins, has audio and MIDI tracks. Ntonyx - Style enhancer processes MIDI files to add human performance characteristics. Stand alone version and Cakewalk plug-in. MultitrackStudio - Audio/MIDI recording and mixing environment for home recording musicians. Griff Pocket Music Studio - Sequencer for PocketPC running Windows CE. Sampler, instruments, and effects also. Propellerhead Software - Creators of the popular Reason, ReBirth, ReCycle software packages. - Music creation tools including Quartet X2 Music Studio. Ableton Live - Audio sequencer playable in real time like an instrument. User area, support, company profile, purchasing. PC Drummer - Create drum music for less than the cost of a physical drum kit or machine. Built-in sounds sampled from actual instruments. Easy Music Composer - MIDI sequencer for Windows. Zynewave Podium - Audio/MIDI sequencer integrates multitrack recording, external hardware, and VST plug-ins, using a hierarchic mixing engine. Windows. Kyma - Symbolic Sound Corporation's Kyma is a graphical language for live, interactive sound generation and manipulation. Rosegarden - A professional audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment for Linux. Anthem - An advanced open source MIDI sequencer for Unix-based platforms. Band-In-A-Box User Group - A Yahoo Group for PG Music's Band-in-a-Box MIDI based music program. Swap files, styles, and get help. Reaper - [Win - Mac] Multitrack audio and MIDI recorder: screenshots, main features, reviews, downloadable demo. Samplisizer - Create music in modern club styles. Demo available. GrooveMaker - [Mac - Win] Loop based mixer and sound libraries, with real time groove-generator and import/match of any audio file, including MP3. Acid Pro - Loop based music creation tool. Tracktion - [Mac - Win] Audio and Midi recording and editing software. Main features, screenshots, reviews, documentation and support area. FL Studio - Fully featured sequencer with MIDI, VST/VSTi and DXi support. Can be used inside other sequencers as a VSTi itself. LMMS - Open source sequencer for Linux.
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