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Sites [ Submit ] - USB Audio software for Macintosh. - A natural video compression system that is compliant with MPEG-4v3. MacMusic - Resources, searchable links, downloads, updates, classified ads, mailing-list, and articles about making music with your Macintosh. Apple Quicktime - Apple's free media player supporting innumerable audio and video formats. The pro version includes an abundance of media authoring capabilities. Apple - iTunes - Audio player with multiple playlist functions, native burn support, visual effects, and file conversion. FXpansion - Creators of BFD drum library module, DR-008 drum sampler, as well as VST to RTAS, VST to Rewire, and VST to AU plug-in adaptors. Audiocorder - VOX program audio recorder. Can set volume sound must reach to begin recording and volume at which it should stop. Rocket Science - Bundle of real-time plugins for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer and Audio Desk. RhapsOGL visual effects - RhapsOGLApp X visual effects generator for MacOSX - This is a visual plug-in for SoundJam MP and MACAST thOnk_0+2 - Freeware application uses Granular Synthesis to produce very diverse sounds based on a user provided sound file. fLOW Ambient Sound - Generates a changing soundscape in realtime suggestive of timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. Freeware for Mac G3. Syd - Software Synthesizer - A software synthesizer for Mac and Windows. Similar to CSound in capabilities, but easier to use. Lime - Music Notation software for Macintosh. Also available for Win32. (CERL Sound Group) Lexikon Sonate - Generates piano music in realtime, can also be used as a meta-instrument for improvising complex piano music. Macintosh Music Software Site - Many freeware and shareware applications available for download. Soundminer - Audio file management system for Digital Audio workstation networks having a Mac attached. Girl Audio Loop Mixing Software - MIDI-enabled audio loop mixing instrument. SoundHack - Shareware sound processing program does various conversions including sample rate, changes file headers, plays headerless files. Cacophony - Digital audio editor for OS X. Supports many different file formats and multi-track editing. Red Barn Goat Farm - Li'l Miss' Scale Oven (LMSO), an ethnic and microtonal scale editor/synth retuner. Also DSP holophonics plug-ins. Ask the DJ - MP3 player and DJ/mix engine with beats analysis. Sagan Technology Metro - Sequencer with MIDI, audio, and video functionalities. Includes support for CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, Audio Units, Music Devices, Music Effects, VST, and Premiere. Ovolab - Develops applications for Mac OS X, particularly software that converts MP3 songs to AAC format. Includes support and downloads. Cosmetic - Rhythm sequencer, sampler, synthesizer. FingaMIDI - Replacement open-source driver that allows a PowerBook or iBook trackpad to be used as a 3-axis MIDI control surface. The GarageDoor - Tips and suggestions for Apple's GarageBand. Covers live and MIDI recordings, effects, mixing, mastering and links to free loops. Bitcartel Software - Developers of iRecordMusic and RadioLover, utilities to record audio streams to AAC and MP3. TunesTracker - Search the iTunes Music Store daily for your favorite artists and send you an e-mail when there are new songs by those artists. iPod Free File Sync - Utility for Mac OS 9 which allows synchronization of music from different iPods or any other source to computer. YamiPod - Freeware application enabling adding and deleting music from the device. Includes software news, development information, and downloads. Max Magic Microtuner - Microtonal scale editor. SoundConverter - Batch audio converter supporting innumerable sample-based and note-based file formats GregEdit - Software for editing and listening to Gregorian Chant. Microsoft Media Player 7.1 - Support among others Microsoft MPEG-4 (version 2.0 and 3.0)and the ISO MPEG-4 video (version 1.0) video codecs. CMN Common Music Notation - Free western music notation package written in Common Lisp. MacWaveMaker Users Group - MacWaveMaker is a nubus card midi synthesizer for Macintosh. Claims every MacWaveMaker thing may be found here. Apple - GarageBand - Perform, record and create music from virtual instruments and pre-recorded loops. U and I Software - Developers of MetaSynth, a composition and sound design program using a strictly visual interface, with customizable tunings and image synthesis. DSP-Quattro - Professional sound editor.
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