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Information about music and audio educational software.
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Harmonic Vision - [Win-Mac] Developer of Music Ace, music instruction software for students and schools. Imaja - Publisher of animation, multimedia, graphics, music, and educational software for the Apple Macintosh platform. MiBac Music Software - [Mac-Win] Offers MiBAC Jazz and Music Lessons software. Demos available. Ars Nova Music Software - Publishes educational music software, is located in Kirkland , Washington. Recorder Teacher - [Win] Program for learning to write and read music, and to play the recorder. Carnatic Music Software - [Win] Rasika is a Carnatic music tutorial. Gaayaka edits Carnatic music notation, plays in tones of Veena or Flute. Adventus Incorporated - [Win] Piano Suite teaches users to play piano, sight read music, and compose via the PC and a MIDI keyboard. Charanga - [Win - Mac] Sells several titles for guitar, piano, and music appreciation. Computers for Music - Offers information and reviews of some popular titles. SmartMusic Studio - [Win - Mac] Catalogue of accompaniments, subscriptions and community functions. For woodwinds, brass, and vocalists. QuickBeat Human Drum Machine - Practice to drum beats in 12 different genres. Jim Lee Music Instruction - Guitar, bass, drum machine related downloads. Forum. Voce Vista - Voice training software providing real-time spectrographic displays for singers Vocalist - Collection of information and reviews of a wide range of software for singers Sing & See - Voice training software for singers providing real-time pitch and spectrogram displays Harmonica Bendometer Playing System - Teaches how to play bends, overblows, riffs, and songs. Learn tips and analyze songs also. Music Teacher's Helper - Manage expenses, student payments and attendance. Also, students can login from home to see schedules. - Downloadable software tools teach chords, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and piano. O-Generator - O-Generator is a pre-sequencer designed to help 10 to 16 year old pupils learn about music. Seventh String Software - Producers of Transcribe!, software to aid the transcription of music from audio form. Includes features to slow down the music without changing the pitch and a spectrum analysis feature to help work out hard-to-hear chords. Site includes details of features, screenshots, reviews and an evaluation version to download. [Windows, Mac, Linux] Music Teacher's Office - Handles scheduling, registrations, invoicing, lesson assignments, and automated makeups. Parent portal and teacher forum. LetturaNote - Helps music students with reading notes, recognizing instruments, and ear training. Serge Mikhailov's Online Music Games - Piano, drum, guitar, note training. Requires Flash. - Sight reading drills on keys, notes, intervals, and chords. Harmony Line Music - Hyperscore uses an original presentational style to teach the essentials of music composition. W33t's Computer Music Tutorial Video - Video of how to create music on your computer using Sony Sound and Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition. Jazz Scale Suggester System - Enter any jazz chord chart into the program and it will suggest and explain scales for soloing.
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