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These are sites and companies that offer simply to host your web site, in other words to provide space on a computer server for it, but not to design or market it. Companies that will do more than just hosting, for example, design, market, and host web sites are listed under Designers/B.
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Byte Technosys Pvt. Ltd. - Offers shared web hosting, e-commerce hosting solutions and domain name registrations. With support for CGI/Perl, PHP, ASP.NET. BasicLink, Inc. - Hosting with shared or dedicated servers and ecommerce support. Blue 105 - Features include PHP, MySQL, RealAudio, RealVideo, Windows Media and encoding audio and video services. BitShop, Inc. - Microsoft Frontpage web site hosting, ASP, IIS, Virtual Servers, Colocated Servers, Databases, SQL Server, MS Access. Binary Environments Ltd. - Hosting solutions, server colocation, web and graphical development, custom programming, and animated web sites using Flash and Shockwave technologies. BCE - Corporate web presence, web hosting and development. Support for Microsoft FrontPage 98 and 2000, email and WebObjects. Best1hosting - 500 megs, own cgi-bin, telnet, ftp, anon ftp, unlimited aliases, 50 pop3, unlimited redirects and 24 hour support. Bestnet - Specializes in hosting domain web sites, e-commerce stores, and database web applications. BurstNET Technologies, Inc - Provides web hosting and internet solutions. Reseller and price matching programs available. - Focusing on the needs of small, home-based, and micro business. - Offers web hosting, email, outbound fax, site check, and search engine registration. Buffalo Web Hosting - Offers web hosting, website design, domain registration, and dial-up access for Buffalo and Western New York. B&P Interactive Ltd - Multiple domain and reseller hosting. Based in the United Kingdom. Network Inc - Offers Unix-based hosting with email and ecommerce support. Bel Air Hosting And Design - NT hosting plans with FrontPage 2000, ASP, Cold Fusion, Interdev, POP3's, RA/RV, and Drumbeat. - Connected via fully redundant T3's and burstable OC-3 circuits, capacity of over 100 T1 lines, connected via UUNET and Sprint. Blackfoot Hosting - Offers hosting services with ecommerce support. Based in United Kingdom. Beco Technologies - Web hosting, design, and promotion of web sites. Support Cold Fusion, PHP, CGI, ASP, and MySQL. Bluetech Solutions - Offers hosting solutions over two OC3 connections with SSH support, Real media streaming, and raw log file access. Benchmark Systems Corporation - Reseller and web hosting plans include e-commerce solutions, FrontPage extensions, e-mail, and FTP access. Berry Bros. Inc. - Offers web hosting and design. Broadband Hosting - Offers web hosting services, E-Commerce plans and domain registration as well. Brython International - Offers shared hosting and reseller program. Supports PHP, MySQL and FrontPage extensions. Bluedomino - Offers shared hosting and domain registration. Based in Texas, United States. BorderBound Communications - Offers shared hosting and dedicated servers. Based in Minnesota, United States. Betterwebspace Hosting - Offers shared hosting, domain registration and reseller program. Located in the United Kingdom. Bounceweb - Offers Linux shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and Perl. Based in Ontario, Canada. BigBiz Internet Services - Offers Linux shared hosting and domain registration. Supports PHP, MySQL and FrontPage extensions. Business Hosting Plus - Offers turnkey websites with selected hosting plans. Hosting plans support PHP, mySQL, FrontPage Extensions and include a control panel. BMCHosting - Offers shared hosting and domain registration. Supports Cold Fusion. Based in Colorado, United States. Inc. - Offers shared hosting and domain registration. Located in British Columbia, Canada. B2B Internet Services Ltd - Offers shared hosting and domain registration. Located in the United Kingdom. BlastHosting, LLC - Provider of Unix web hosting with PHP and MySQL located in Texas, USA. BroadSpire - Large provider of managed hosting solutions to businesses. Located in California, USA. Black Night Software - Offers Mac shared hosting and dedicated servers. Supports FileMaker Pro, Lasso, PHP, MySQL and FlameThrower. BlackSun Inc - Dedicated and shared servers includes domain name registration and spam and virus filtering. Blue Genesis - Offers UNIX and WIndows shared hosting, domain registration and virtual servers. Located in Florida, United States. Bright-Byte, LLC. - SSL certificates, domain registration, shared and reseller hosting, and web design services. Servers in California and Georgia. B2 Net Solutions - Provider of UNIX virtual hosting, dedicated servers, game servers, and shell hosting. Servers in California, headquartered in Canada. BlueWho Hosting - Provides web hosting services with unlimited domains. A Better Deal for All - Offers Linux shared hosting and domain registration. Located in Oatley, New South Wales, Australia. Biz Systems - Offers dedicated hosting and Linux server rental. - Offers hosting plans powered by Windows Server 2003, featuring ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, MS Access, MySQL, SHTML, SSL, email, and web control panels. Book and Host - Windows 2003 hosting plans with support MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and VBScript, Microsoft FrontPage 2000 extensions, HELM Control Panel. Also Linux hosting plans. BlueFish Web Hosting, LLC - Hosting plans for businesses include FrontPage extensions, database, scripts, e-mail and FTP access. Located in Orem, Utah, USA. Blue Gravity Communications, Inc - Virtual, dedicated, semi-dedicated, and colocated hosting services, domain registration, and SSL certificates. BlueCentral - Shared and dedicated hosting, domain registration, e-mail, and search optimisation and marketing services. Located in Australia. Bitera Corporation - Reseller accounts and Linux, Windows, and e-mail hosting plans. Supports Based in Cresskill, New Jersey, United States. Basin Telecommunications, Inc. - Provides internet services, dedicated hosting, e-commerce, web storage and customized database solutions. BIC Marketing - Offers web hosting and domain registration with PHP, FrontPage, MySQL, and SSL support. BEZA.NET - Provides web hosting, dedicated servers and co-location services.
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