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Sites which offer a number of search tools on one page. Each search tool can be accessed from its own search box or via a single search box by radio buttons, drop-down list or other method. Resources may include general search engines, directories, dictionaries, encyclopedias or other general reference resources.
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Mainpage - Provides search boxes to around 80 web sources, also includes over 500 related links. Fleiner - Send the same query string to many different Web, images, news, and email search engines with one click. iTools - Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion groups, and people search, language identifier, translator, dictionaries, encyclopedia, biography, quotations, and telephone area codes. All Searches - Possibility to choose between over 100 different search sources arranged in categories. Easy switch from general to regional, reference, or files (images, audio, movies, software, ftp, and pdf). Search-22 - Directory of Internet sources that provides categorized all-in-one search forms in sets of 22. The Drop Zone - A series of drop-down menus permit a range of Web and people searches, or link to reference sites, radio, email, software, webcams and online games. Acme Search Forms - Offers access to the major search engines and directories, news, the Internet Movie Database, dictionaries, biography, the Bible, Shakespeare, United States government sites, United States addresses and patents. Meta Web Search - Providing search results from multiple sources and site submission. TurboScout - Access and compare original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single web page. The same search can be made on different search engines without retyping keywords. Webfetch - Infospace site offering a choice between Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing, as well as a selection of different types of content, such as web pages, images, video or news. Yaweli - Offers access to search engines news, shopping, developer information sites and Hebrew web sites. No images for speed. Seeaarch - Displays the major search engines' result side by side. Squid Search - Offers access to popular search engines including news, videos, radio stations, images, recipes, dictionaries, kids websites and so on. Targ8 - Provides web, image, music, video and news search from a customizable list of search engines. YouBoing - Customizable start page with the major search engines and one's favourite links. Zakta - Results from the major search engines. Offers collaboration for searchers and guides created by users. Soovle - Allows easy, keyboard access to major search engines and their search suggestions. Surf Canyon - Real-time search personalization. Disambiguates the user's intent after the first query and brings forward the relevant results. Azokan - One form to search various services. LiteType - Search in different languages with the major search engines. Usearchme - Results from Google, Yahoo, Bing or their combination in five categories: news, images, web, local and audio. Thumbnails with quick view option. Fefoo - Offers more refined ways to use the major search engines. Wankel - A search aggregator that allows users to refine their search using three different search engines for better results. PolyCola - Shows results from two search engines in two columns. Options include enlarging either column and displaying new pages of results simultaneously in both columns. LightSwitch - Type a query and choose one of 30 search engines. Askboth - Allows the users to search at Google, Bing at Twitter at the same time. Results are displayed in three columns. Search GBY - Results from Google or Bing with preview function.
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