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Sites in this category give information about preventing an e-mail address from being spammed.
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Wikipedia - CAPTCHA - Explains how captcha features can keep spammers from signing up for certain accounts online, such as email or weblogs. Explains how the system can be circumvented as well. Sugarplum - Generates fake data to give to e-mail harvesting robots. How do spammers harvest email addresses? - Several methods are described. Spambot Beware - How to avoid, detect and harass spambots. Spambots are programs that extract email addresses from web pages, which are then used as targets for spam. How to Block E-mail Relaying - What to do when your computer is used to relay spam. SpamMotel - Offering anti-spam program and disposable email addresses. unspam - A consulting company for businesses and governments promoting do-not-email registries. Includes spam news and articles. Personal Email Networks: An Effective Anti-Spam Tool - An automated graph theoretic method for identifying individual users' trusted networks of friends in cyberspace. [PDF/PostScript] Paul Graham: Antispam - An intensive study essentially discussing spam-filtering techniques. How Do Spammers Get Email Addresses? - Twelve ways spammers obtain email address. Includes links to websites explaining how to trace spammers down. Outlook Express Tutorial - Step by step explanation with screenshots of how to set filters. How to Stop Messenger Spam - Explains how to stop web pop-up spam advertising in Windows Messenger. Email address encoder - Transforms ascii email addresses into their equivalent decimal entity through the use of Character Entities. Email Address Encoder - Offers simple and user challenge JavaScript based email encoder to prevent email harvesting. Some Simple and Practical Means to Help Avoid Spam - Offers a few simple suggestions. PHP Spam Poison (phpwpoison) - An automated page generator that create long lists of fake email addresses to poison the spammer's database. - Universal opt-out by domain list; created as a "convenient opt-out" measure per the CAN-SPAM act. Agent Spam - Commercial spam / virus filtering services for corporations and ISP's. Anti-Spam | Stop Spam Bots - Converts HTML code to hide email address from spam bots. SEC Suspends Trading of 35 Companies Touted in Spam Email Campaigns - Press release from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, explaining their recent actions to help curb stock tout spam. Anti-Spam tips and Resources for Webmasters - Tips to publish email addresses on the web more safely. Includes a text-to-image converter and javascript encoders.
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