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One-way distribution lists can be handled with just an email program. However, if you want to start a discussion list or want to let software do much of the work (such as adding and removing subscribers), you might want to consider a list management/hosting company to tackle it for you. There are hundreds of such companies. Some of them offer free list hosting, others have reasonable rates and others have much higher rates for providing a premium service. Do your homework before committing to a list hosting company. Find out what their policies are (especially for the free offers). Find out what their payment policies are. What will it cost you if your subscriber base grows rapidly. Also research what value-added services they may offer.
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BigList - Features include web-based management tools, flat-rate pricing, and virtual list service. NotifyList - Provides free one-way mailing list hosting and management services. FreeLists - Provides free mailing lists to all Internet and technology-related groups and topics. Features searchable archives and web-based management. WeBeLists - Hosting service using Lyris. Domeus - Discussion groups in a number of different languages. GraphicMail - Web-based application for designing, managing and sending graphical newsletters. A-List Hosting - Offers opt-in announcement and discussion list hosting. Site features listserve information, online demo, resources and partner program. EZ Ezine - Provides newsletter hosting and list management service. - Service includes telephone support for listowners. MailerMailer - Hosting and management service with tracking and reporting for newsletters and marketing campaigns. Listbox - Offers two-way discussion lists and one-way announcement lists with web-based tools for maintaining subscribers, sending messages, and features like timed delivery, custom autoreplies and advanced list management. Savicom - Web-based list management and delivery service designed for high volume message delivery. Topica - A free service that allows you to find, manage and participate in email lists and discussion groups. Xoopa - Provides professional email list hosting services for newsletters, announcements and discussion groups. Net Atlantic, Inc. - Hosted web-based/SaaS email marketing solution to manage email databases, send newsletters, promote products, announce new services and send email. Ezine Director - Provides hosted email marketing and tracking. Dundee Internet Services - Reliable and affordable hosting using Lyris. Specializes in very large, high volume, commercial lists. Your Mailinglist Provider - This particular provider is free of cost and is available in three different languages. MessageSherpa - A web based collaborative email marketing system that allows users to share and exchange content for building and sending HTML newsletters. Global Safelist - Provides email advertising to opted in users. - Hosted mailing list management system. End-user features available in multiple languages. European Safelist Marketing - Email marketing service with free advertising to other members. Phplist Mod - Provides a subscribe form on any web page. Flexmail - Offers a platform for targeted personalized emailing campaigns. eemail - Features e-mail discussion lists without signup or registration. IDmailing - Provides email templates, list hosting and targeted email blasts. Industry Mailout - Offers email design assistance so you can create, send, track and manage email newsletters on your own using their service. Emails Angel - Provides email marketing services with tracking, campaign scheduling, auto responders and importing of contacts from various sources. eMailDodo - Hosted email group broadcast system targeted at clubs. Free for small groups.
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