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This category exists to provide helpful information regarding the use of E-mail on the internet for both novice and experienced user alike.
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E-mail Resources - Tips and tricks, beginner's articles, software downloads, spam management, and general help. From How to Cope with too Much E-mail - Learn the cause of this problem and some possible solutions. A Beginner's Guide to Effective E-mail - Write e-mail messages that will get noticed, read, properly understood, and responded to. Learn the Net: Harnessing E-mail - Explains the features and usage of e-mail step by step. Flash Your E-mail - Spice-up your messages with a Flash signature file. Managing Incoming Email: What Every User Needs to Know - Report explaining how users can cope with increasing amounts of e-mail. Dan's Mail Format Site - Includes guidelines on quoting and attachments, information about headers, and mail client configuration. The History of Electronic Mail - Contains a history of email spam and instant messaging. The First Network Email - Contains frequently asked questions, like, why did they choose the at sign. Help with Internet E-mail - Includes answers to commonly posed questions. Write Better E-mails - Gives advice on writing and using e-mail. Gives tips on managing your inbox, and how to deal with issues such as SPAM and phishing. Email Address Pro - Includes email software reviews, services, and resources. Email Disclaimer - Advice on how and why you should add disclaimers and signatures to your email. Email Questions - Contains an email help desk and discussion forum. eMailman - Coverage of all issues related to the usage of e-mail. Inventor of Email, The - Contains a history of email and false claims of its invention. Webmail FAQ - Contains frequently asked questions about webmail services. HowStuffWorks "How E-mail Works" - Contains a guide on how e-mail works and how email servers deliver messages. Man Who Invented Email, The - Contains an investigation into the origins of email. Mailing Check - Contains a guide to email spam check software. E-mail Account - Contains an overview to e-mail address, protocols, and formats.
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