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Sites in this category should be very general in nature. If your site focusses on a specific aspect of computers (e.g. a certain application or software package) then please suggested it to the category for that specific aspect (or a suitable sub-category thereof) rather than here.
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Computertim Technologies - Free computer how-to articles for beginners, training, and support. Internet Guide - Provides topics on IT news, gaming, hardware, software, email, viruses and a glossary of terms. Computer Help A to Z - Explains how to make better use of computers with easy to understand tips and articles covering the basics. Walt Howe's Internet Learning Centre - Includes a glossary of terms, history and information for navigating the web. Exploring the Internet - Information on a range of topics such as Usenet, FTP, Gophers, Email, Listservs, IRC, WAIS, the Web, HTML and Search Engines. Help-Site Computer Manuals - Contains links to hundreds of computer related documents and sites. A listing of FAQs lists, tutorials, manuals pertaining to computers. Cyberia PC - Offers information for motherboards, history of computers and pc problems. Includes tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. Ask Felgall - How-to pages that answer a number of frequently asked questions as well as some reference material. Tutorialized - Directory of tutorials for software programs such as MS Excel and Macromedia Dreamweaver. MalekTips - Over 3,000 tips for Windows, digital cameras, and the Internet. Tutorial Guide - Tutorials for operating systems, mp3s, casemodding, networking and software programs like Adobe Photoshop. Online Help - Contains articles about operating systems, viruses and email. Etherpunk - Articles for Mailing Lists, Networking, Operating Systems and Software. Richweb - Includes Flash tutorials for common computer problems. Technipages - Technical related guides, articles, reviews, and stories featuring computer help, how-to's, and information. Online Computer Tips - Articles on PC troubleshooting, networking, spyware, and Windows. Computer Articles - Includes an archive of all computer articles published weekly in the local South West England paper the 'Herald Express' MaximumPCguides - Contains articles for networking, viruses, spyware, security and Windows. School Technician - Includes information, support, technical tips, reviews and software for people who work in the education sector in the United Kingdom. TechTarget - Includes tips, webcasts, and other advice in a variety of focused enterprise technology channels. Senior's Guide to Computers - Includes step-by-step, plain English tutorial for the Windows PC. Tutorial Masters - Includes video tutorials for Flash and Linux. Computers For Retirees - Provides a tutorial geared toward seniors and retirees. All 27 chapters are free for access. How Stuff Works: Computers - Complete, detailed, illustrated descriptions of the inner workings of the PC. ProExe - Includes a knowledgebase organised into different categories like domain names, email, ftp and spam. The How-To Geek - Includes help, tutorials, tips and how-to guides for Windows and Linux. TACKtech - Includes tips, tricks, tweaks, fixes, How To's, and technical knowledge for Windows, software, and registry. PCWorks Mailing List - Dedicated to helping PC users find solutions to computer and internet related problems. Online Tech Tips - Tips on personal and online computing. Simplehelp - Step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot common personal computer problems. TechiWarehouse - Includes A+ certification, programming, IT solutions, and software. Dave's Brain - Includes programming and computer tips, alongside tech opinions. - Includes howtos and guides for Linux, PHP, Security, SEO and Software. etutorials - Provides tutorials on Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Java, C++ and .NET. - Includes video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Excel and Access. All Hotkeys - Contains a database of keyboard shortcuts for software and web applications. Tip. Trick. Mod. - Includes hacks and help for the Web, Mac OSX and Vista. Computer-Internet Tips & Tricks - Includes knowledge and guides about Symantec Norton, Web development and IP networks.
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