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Sites offering active discussion spanning a wide variety of computer-related topics. Sites that are focused about 75% or more on a particular topic should be listed under that topic (or its Chats_and_Forums subcat should one exist) instead of here.
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Tek-Tips Forums - An IT discussion forum aimed at IT professionals. Software Forums - Provides help and support for computers, software and hardware problems. - Discussion of server administration and setup, hardware and software configuration, and operating systems. - An abandoned forum with archives of solutions to many computer problems. Computer Forum - A forum discussing computers with an emphasis on hardware upgrades. Forums - A forum focusing on upgrading computer hardware with custom parts. Computing.Net - A technical support site which answers general computing questions of home users. Virtual Dr - Acquire help with a specific problem and receive expert tutorials in a forum. Tech Support Guy - Community helping with operating systems, Internet and networking, community, and miscellaneous tech problems. Technutopia - Hosts message boards on file sharing, distributed computing and software development, also offers the last version of BearShare which was developed as a Gnutella client. DaniWeb Computer Support - A forum containing topics on general computer topics, web development, and extensive discussion on software development. Bleeping Computer - Focuses on answering computer, security, and networking questions asked by the novice users. ComputerHope - Forum providing tech support to home users in the areas of hardware, software, and networking. Tech Support Forum - A forum supporting general Windows issues for novice users. Geeks to Go - A forum for discussion and assistance in the areas of security, hardware, and software. CNET Computer Help - Discussion forum which answers basic computer questions. NewEgg - Forum discussing mainly computer building topics, but providing support to novice users as well. Tech Forums - General discussion with emphasis on computer technology, programming, and gaming. TechEnclave - Technology discussion, and buying/selling threads for hardware. Aldi/Medion Forum - Unofficial user to user support for products made by these companies. Yahoo Group: A - Z Technical Computer Support for All - Community providing PC help. Samker's Computer Forum - Discussions about things related to PC security, and general software and hardware queries. Recovery Force Data Recovery Forum - Discusses solutions, tools and software. PureOC - Discussions devoted to overclocking, digital currency, hardware and manufacturers. - Offers computer help, discussion, and tricks for operating systems, as well as html and graphics design. Legit Reviews - Message board to discuss hardware and software. - Pakistani computer discussion boards including tutorials and advice. Includes additional boards for discussing Islam and Urdu poetry. - Subjects covered include general hardware and software discussion, gaming, mobile phones and technical support. Sadikhov IT Forums - Message boards for discussions on certification, training and technical matters. - Provides boards for discussions on hardware, software, gaming and buying advice, and a bazaar for classified listings. PCTechBytes - Discussions include computer repair, help and security, networking, operating systems and hardware, and gaming and technology. TechSpot - Topics covered include PC building, software and gaming. Scurvy's Ultimate PC Forum - Provides discussion boards for hardware, software and trading. Hardware Heaven - Provides discussion boards for gaming, software, graphics cards and general PC related topics such as modding and overclocking. GadgetBit - Message boards hosting discussions on operating systems, gaming, website design and gadgets. PCTechTalk - Provides boards to discuss operating systems, hardware and support.
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