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This category is for weblogs covering a broad range of visual arts topics. If the main focus is on a particular genre or style of art, please suggest the site to the most appropriate subcategory based on that focus
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Blog Schmlog - Bangladesh artist Ujwala Prabhu blogs on painting, printmaking, sculpture and drawing. Red Easel - provides information for the visual artist including an artist gallery, newsletter, festivals, galleries, workshops and organizations. Alcoholic Outsider Artist - Features artwork by a recovering alcoholic in Michigan. Anaba - Contemporary visual art blog. Art Blog By Bob - Blogger posts about artists, art movements, contemporary trends, and the theory behind art. Artgenossen - This New York City based blog features streetart, design, multimedia, and virtual environments. Bells and Whistles - Blogger posts about contemporary art, and making art in Australia Flobberlob - Artist shares stories and pictures of his collage work. Frank Waaldijk Visual Artist - Blog about art from the personal, philosophical perspective of a painter. Mr Squiggle - Duel between two artists. New Art - Blogger writes about contemporary art with an emphasis on theory. Papercraft Paradise - A blog about papercrafts. A hobby about making models using paper or card. - Popular blog about free anime, manga, film, and video game related papercrafts and paper models. Peter Peryer - New Zealand artist blogs about art and the landscape in Otago Polvora Spigot - A space to reflect on the interconnectivity between art, knowledge and existence: how it contributes to and feeds from philosophy, history, culture, and even the mundane. Renaissance Art - Blog about Renaissance art, artists, music, and philosophers. - Art blog concerning major exhibits nationwide, with a particular attention to the blogger's hometown of Philadelphia. Suckerpunch - Reviews the work of contemporary artists, architects and designers who offer the stunningly unexpected and beautiful, with links to their websites. Tempesthole - Finnish illustrator Teemu Matinlauri posts about the world of illustration and graphic design in Finland, including an assortment of his drawings. Web Urbanist - Submissions from multiple authors on art, architecture and design offline and online, from urban guerilla street art to digital design and imagery. World Art News at - Snippets of interest to lovers of Art. Share Some Candy - A curated collective of inspiring design finds and art. Includes finds that are inspiring, beautiful and thought provoking. Liam Crockard - Contemporary artist posts photos of his work and collages based on historical works. Ryan Travis Christian - Blogs about visual art from his hometown of Chicago. Sophia Allison - Artist Sophia Allison blogs about contemporary art from Los Angeles. Something Home Something - Brion Nuda Rosch, artist and curator, blogs about portrait, pattern, and landscape as topics in contemporary art. Elvis Richardson - Blog about the artist Elvis Richardson. William Powhida - Controversial Brooklyn artist William Powhida blogs about his artwork and critiques the art world. chamuconeGro - Michael Anderson a highly regarded collagist who blogs from NYC. Marc Bell Dept. - An artist who makes fine ahtwerks CultureGrrl - Cultural journalist Lee Rosenbaum writes about museums, auctions, and art news. Arrested Motion - Contemporary art blog featuring lowbrow - pop surrealism, street/urban art, gallery openings, and artist interviews. Daily Art Fixx - Daily art blog covering contemporary artists, art history, exhibitions, and resources for art education. Escape into Life - Arts journal featuring mainly contemporary visual artists, art history, reviews, and art news. Eat Sleep Draw - Online art gallery with 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe. Creep Machine - Blog dedicated to contemporary, alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow and pop surrealist art. Art Painting Artist - Critical comments on some "beautiful paintings", mostly famous, with a glossary and general articles on the history of painting. Martini, Angela - Artwork and illustration. Hiking Artist - Exploring benefits of hiking. Research and drawn journalism by Frits Ahlefeldt. Edward Winkleman - New York City gallerist blogs about the art world, current art practices, and the art market. Eleen Art Blog - Ellen M. McDermott is an Irish Artist living in Ireland. Bai Huili Art - Paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography of Hila Berliner. Tel Aviv, Israel.
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