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Site-Specific or Environmental Art is an art form, particularly known from the 1960s, in which the artist creates a three-dimensional space that involves the spectators and is often involved with several sensory stimulations, such as visual, auditory, kinetic, tactile, and sometimes olfactory. Environments can be in the nature of assemblage including figures made by the artist or objects of everyday life, or transformations of the natural landscape Another form of environmental art includes the earthworks form which integrates the artwork into the physical terrain (Land Art). Materials such as rocks, sticks, soil, plants and so on are often used, and the works frequently exist in the open and are left to change and erode under natural conditions. The Guggleheim Museum defines Site-specific or Environmental art as "an artist's intervention in a specific locale, creating a work that is integrated with its surroundings and that explores its relationship to the topography of its locale, whether indoors or out, urban, desert, marine, or otherwise. - The term also applies to an environmental installation or sculpture created especially for a particular gallery space or public site." " Environmental art is grounded in an ethos that focuses on interrelationships. These relationships include not only physical and biological pathways but also the cultural, political and historical aspects of ecological systems." (Wallen & Lerner) For sites focusing primarily on Installations that are not Site-Specific, please suggest the site to Arts/Visual_Arts/Installation_Art.
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Erskine, Peter - Photographic examples of solar spectrum environmental art. The architectural installations are displayed in the USA, Italy, Germany, England and Northern Ireland. Arnold, Ulrike - The German born artist travels to remote sites to create rock paintings in situ, or mixed with a transparent binder to produce works on canvas. Includes index of art and projects and exhibitions. Red Earth - Project list and recent projects for the artist-led environmental arts group creating experimental outdoor site-specific installations and performances. Entwistle, Trudi - Land artist making both permanent and temporary sculptures which integrate within their surroundings. Provides photographic index of works, biography and reviews. Frost, Stuart Ian - Sculptor and environmental artist with the interest for the physical character of natural objects. Biography, portfolio, and listing of exhibitions. Leventon, Rosie - Land art, installations and sculpture that interweaves a kind of personal archaeology with that of contemporary society and physical places. Portfolio, curriculum vitae and artist's statement. Dixon, Jon - Gallery of site-specific art works of the sculptor in his outdoor Australian studio, Lyons Sculpture Park. Includes a brief biography. den Arend, Lucien - Sculpture, land art and site specific sculptures by the Finnish/Dutch artist. Includes exhibitions and publications. Dannenbeck Studios - Gallery of site specific sculptures and tile installations. Hunter, Stanton - Site specific works, often referencing architecture and/or geology/geological formations. Includes artist's biography and gallery.
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