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Mail art is also often called correspondence art. Mail art is, basically, art sent through the mail, including faux postage, postcards, ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), copy art, handmade books, etc. Not all mail art is rubber stamped, though rubber stamps are used on mail art quite often and there is a strong overlap among stamp artists and mail artists. Much mail art is dadaesque, but another common school of mail art is a lush, collaged style similar to the work of Nick Bantock in the Griffin & Sabine books. An artistamp is something on a piece of paper or card that looks suspiciously like a stamp of some form. It is usually attached to another piece of paper or card and many regard it as much more attractive and interesting than the "real" postage stamps. Also called Faux Postage.
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Boek 861: Mail Art y Poesía Visual - Visual poetry and mail art workshop from Spain (in English and Spanish) El Taller de Zenon - Mail art site in Sevilla-Spain, with galleries of received works, plastic arts and communication about postal art. The Compost Mail Art Gallery - A German mail artists group with several postal art exhibits. Mail-Art - A German mail art site with history, techniques and exhibits about the art form. It includes a message board for active projects. Art Mail at Kiyotei's Den - Galleries, interviews, mail art calls and essential art links. Graphics, art, collaborations and mail art. The Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives - An open invitation for artistamp creators with the theme of Motherland/Fatherland. The City of Moscow's Committee on Culture and The International Museum Exhibition Centre 'Olympus' is sponsoring The Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives - 2002. MAC (the Moscow Artistamp Collection) has been invited to participate. Vortice Argentina - General activities of the project, exhibitions at the Barraca Vorticista, information, artist addresses, international mail art projects and calls, links, and visual poetry. The Miniature Book Library - Catalogue and images from a library of teeny books made by several different mail artists. Footeprints Mailart - Examples of work by the mail artist Gary Foote with links postal art information and art calls. Wikipedia Mailart Resource - Online encyclopedia with a mailart description, links and profiles of mailartists. Guy Bleus - Art and writings from Belgian mail artist Guy Bleus. Jeremy Adolphson's Collection - A fine collection of galleries displaying artwork created on 4X6 cards by international artists. Graceful Envelope Contest - The National Postal Museum's Graceful Envelope Contest, sponsored by the Washington Calligraphers Guild. Book - Collaborative exhibition of a sketchbook shared by four artists from both sides of the Atlantic. Shouting At The Postman - The website of a small cultural zine featuring general articles, mail art, and reviews by Ken Miller. PostSecret - A gallery of postcard-sized images posted anonymously to unveil a secret. Shared confessions in art form. Artistamps of Azubia - This is a collection of faux postage from the postal authority of Azubia created by Karen Winters. ICIS: International Council of Independent States - The United Nation of fictitious states. Imaginary countries that issue postage stamps, currency and publications. MailArt project with Coffee theme - MailArt project site with the theme "Coffee - How does it make you feel?" to be exhibited March 2007 at the Days Espresso and Coffee House in Louisville, Kentucky USA. Honoria Starbuck's Mail Art Blog - Examples of mail art sent and received, portraits of mail artists, haiku reflections on teaching art and being a mail artist. Mail Art - - A place to meet and link up with artists interested in sending art through the mail. International Mail Art Artists Group - Mail artists group (I-MAG) of Kuala Lumpur. Anonymous Postcard - Claims submitted by the public are turned into vague and largely indecipherable postcards and mailed toward the intended recipients. Mail Art WebRing - A group of sites with content relating to mail art. Denis Charmot Art - Mailart, collage and resources in French and English. Planet Susannia - Mail art and stamp art galleries, links and projects.
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