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This category is for personal poetry pages whereby: 1. The author's surname begins with S, or 2. If surname is unknown/unacknowledged, the first name begins with S.
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Sheftel, Beatrice - Beauty on the Weeds - Examples of original poetry and links to markets for writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Skinn, Brian - Brian's Favourite Poems - A personal collection. Shari, Donna - HideAway - World of poetry, gardening and fun. Sutherland, Jamie - The author's favorite poetic works. Steinman, Mark - Jeeves Poetry Page - A collection of poems. Stanley, J.L. - Labyrinth Poems - An anthology of poems, a record of the author's journey. Includes images of ancient places, earth, life, and universe. Sprague, Dale J. - Phoenix - Selected soliloquies, tone poems, rhapsodies, variations of a theme. Sharma, Sarita - Poems from my Heart - A poetry collection. Sanyal, Siddharth - The Poet Tree Shade - A collection of poems by Siddharth Sanyal. Sterling, Tova - Samples of poetry about love, social issues, joy and people. Schoonover, Daniel Phillip - Powered by Dan - Music, poetry and photos. Shaw, Valeri - Real Woman Poetry - Showcasing the poetry of this Bangor, Maine poet. Sadie's Homepage and Poems - A collection of original poetry by Sadie. Samantha's Poetic Caverns - Original poetry by a group of friends. Sarah's Poetry - Poetry influenced by circumstances and emotions throughout life. Scott's Poetry Place - Features many original poems and selected favourites by other authors. Sharon's Pages of Poetry & Thought - A collection of poetry reflecting feelings, experiences and family. "Inspiration should never be questioned, it should be whorshiped, and treasured, and shared". SickDawgs Philosophy & Poetry Page - A page dedicated to poetry from famous to up and coming poets. Lots of quotes from sources like Buddha, Confucius, The FA, Latin Sayings, Chinese Proverbs. Sienna's Poetry Suite - "Sense stirring poetry". Submissions invited. Includes challenges, articles, teen area, chats and audio. Saldana, Isaac - Silent Bear's Den - Original poetry. Shella - Soulflesh - A collection of original poetry and lyrics. Steenbergen, Michael Lee - Space Rocker - Songs, lyrics and serialization of the rock opera SpaceRocker. Space oriented human survival theme about colonizing the universe. Stacey's Poetry Page - Original and submitted poetry. Stars Little Corner of the Web - Features drawings and poetry compiled by Star. Stoney's Poetry Page - A compendium of poems, many with a nautical flavour. Sutton, D. N. - SoulSite - Poems on romantic love, death, grieving, and miracles. Syd's Poetry Corner - Original and favourite poetry and related links. Sanderson, Justin H. - Uheardof`s Poetry - Poems from the creator. Staryln - Words from the Heart - Music to enjoy and links to other poetry pages, paint pages, or fun sites to surf on the net. Sauer, Jim - A Year of Poetry - Twelve poems for the twelve months. Poetry and art for winter, spring, summer and fall. Salyer, Joseph - In The Beat - Strange beatnik style poetry mixed with love and despair and computer generated art. Sorensen, Kenneth - A small collection of personal poetry. Schoneman, LaVonne - Just Smoked Salmon - Features product topic-related poems by this noted Post Polio Syndrome author. Simmons, Shawn - Question of... - Searching personal poetry detailing a life of struggle. Includes samples, influences, and updates. Sears, Naomi - Sugarcane's Abode - Personal poetry, quotes, pictures, and the poetry of others. Spears, André - Xo: A Tale for the New Atlantis - Web-published 60-page long poem. Offers brief background on the author. Schaible, René - Actionliterature - Presents poems and ballads in three languages. Includes a guestbook and biography for this German author. Stanton, Jackie - Poetry written between 1999-2001. Songer, Melissa - States of Being - Poetry and prose about the vagaries of existence. Summer - Diamond Amaryllis: The Ravings of a Madwoman - A collection of original poems and also a collection of poetry submitted by site viewers. Includes photos and a bio. Shaw, Beth - Over the Rainbow - Mostly love poems and sad poems, by the site owner, by famous poets, or submitted by readers. Also has love facts and quotations. Selendy, Bela - Bela's Burbles - Collection organized chronologically and by form. Schram, Munda - Munda's Poetic Moments - A collection of poetry and prose. Shelquist, Richard - Rendezvous with the Beloved - Sufi poetry of longing, surrender and joy. Shadian, Geraldine - Personal impressions of life expressed in poetry. Sward, Robert - Writer / Editor / eZines - Includes resources and links for writers, poets, researchers, and librarians. Coastmoor - Poetry and photography from British artist Christopher Sanderson. Shaumyan, Alexander - Lyrical poetry and satire on the corruption in American political and social life. Includes translations, artwork and books. Simmons, Robert M. - A Poetry Sampler - Selected poems on such topics as the passage of time, small town life, popular culture, and global warming. S., Trish - Trish's Poetry - The first poems the author wrote, followed by several pages of poems that span many years. Shoeless's Walk Your Own Path Poetry - A collection of Shoeless Boy Wonder's poems. Sanes, Ken - Poems and short stories about the basics of life. Silent Moon Song - Dark Side of the Moon - From the ever changing, insane mind of the author. Mostly depressing, but there are a few semi-happy poems.
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