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Woodturning is the craft or art of turning articles on a lathe, usually of wood but may utilise corian, acrylic, bone, horn or imitation ivory. A lathe is a machine which spins the material at speed enabling tools to be used to shape it. The lathe may be powered by electricity, a treadle, sprung pole or bungee elastic. The finished article is usually round, but may be elliptical or off-centre (eccentric).
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Early Wood Lathes - Historic, non-motorized, wood lathes and related machines from ancient Egypt to the 19th century. Woodturning Online - A source for information, projects, community and vendors. Woodturning Reference and Information Site - A reference source of relevant and useful information, with large directories of links. Page on timbers from A - Z. Steve Worcester Turningwood - How-to articles and links to artists, club websites and internet sources Darrell Feltmate's Page - Instructions and projects for beginner and intermediate, including sharpening, sanding system, making tools, preparing green wood, turning crotch wood, turning a hollow form, and using the hook tool. The Woodturners Workshop - Brian Clifford - A resource for woodturners, including an introduction to techniques, bibliography, glossary of terms, projects, gadgets, faqs, gallery, and a discourse on trees. Turning Wood Into Art: The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection - Museum site; the subjects explored are among those related to wood, including material esthetics, process and image, storytelling, design, and tree life. Features examples of the work of 42 woodturners. Woodturning Cad - Showing a variety of designs that can be turned on a wood lathe, the designs are done using TurboCad 3D program, Woodturning Videos Plus - Articles on many aspects of the art of woodturning by Steven D. Russell. Also includes DVDs and ebooks for sale. Turned.Out.Right Woodturning Web-Shop - A site dedicated to the learning, sharing and advancement of the wood turning craft, includes blogs and pages about techniques used in his workshop. Also e-books for sale. YouTube - Portland Woodturning Symposium - Video snapshot of the largest gathering of woodturners from around the world. Includes links to other woodturning videos. Karl Tickle Media Productions - Wood craft filming and marketing service, mainly woodturning. Lignotec - Lathes and jigs for creative woodturning. The Daniel Collection - Of fine turned wood from over 20 UK turners. Includes photos of the instant gallery at AWGB Seminar, Loughborough 2003 and 2005 Jeffrey, Peter - A rookie woodturner shares his enthusiasm and early efforts to help other beginners learn woodturning. Woodturner's Resource - Free AAW-sponsored space to discuss woodturning, and share ideas, techniques and resources. Also galleries, online videos, tips and techniques. Woodworking on the Web with Coeur du Bois - The Toolpost site with helpful pages for beginners, on thread chasing and other technical matters. Woodcentral Messageboards - Turning forum. Also access to contest entry and results. Center For Art in Wood, The - A Philadelphia-based not-for-profit arts institution, gallery and resource center dedicated to the art and craft of lathe-turned objects.
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