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Berkeley's Online Medieval and Classics Library - A few rare but classic works, edited and translated into modern English (apart from original Middle English texts). Includes works from all over ancient and medieval Europe. The music of ancient Greeks-Early epic and lyrical poetry - A reconstruction of the music of ancient Greeks by Ioannidis Nikolaos. Audio, original Greek texts and English translations. Greek Mythology and Pre-History - William Harris looks at the Greek myths as part of a tradition of history. Perseus Project: Classics Library - English translations in hypertext. Nonnus' Dionysiaca - Summary and discussion of 12 articles published by R. F. Newbold from 1981-2001 on the 5th century Greek epic, The Dionysiaca, by Nonnus of Panopolis. At the Centre for European Studies and General Linguistics, University of Adelaide. The Suda On Line (SOL) - Searchable translations and forum for Byzantine lexicography. Lives of the Ten Orators - Biographies of Antiphon, Andocides, Lysias, Isocrates, Isaeus, Aeschines, Lycurgus, Demosthenes, Hyperides, and Dinarchus. The Greek Word - Three Millennia of Greek Literature - A bilingual (Greek / English) anthology of all periods of Greek literature, including downloadable versions and language learning tools. Ancient Greece - Links and information on Ancient Greece: history, mythology, art and architecture, the Olympics, wars, people, geography and other resources. Languages and Dialects of Greece Timeline - Dialects of Ancient Greek. Changes in the language from ancient to Koine to modern Greek.
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