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Apogee Instruments, Inc. - Produces the Alta and AP series of thermoelectrically cooled CCD cameras for astronomy and bio-medical applications. Articles discussing CCD imaging techniques and theory. Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc. - Video camera developer and manufacturer serving industrial and machine vision, biometric, security, and specialty OEM markets. This company designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes video, image acquisition, display technologies and products. e2v Technologies - Makes CCD chips and the L3Vision series of CCD cameras for astronomy, night-time surveillance or the detection of fluorescent and luminescent markers in life science applications, and offers products for high power RF and switching applications. Andor Technology - Several product lines of CCD and intensified cameras for astronomy, low light applications, spectroscopy, x-ray imaging and OEM applications. Princeton Instruments - Manufactures CCD, ICCD cameras and spectroscopy systems designed for physical sciences, spectroscopy, and x-ray detection. Opticstar Ltd - Manufacturer of Opticstar CCD and CMOS cameras and accessories for science, microscopy, astronomy and machine vision applications. Includes product catalogue and international dealer list. Spectral Instruments - Specializes in the development and manufacture of UV-visual CCD spectrophotometers, thermoelectric and cryogenic cooled CCD cameras and analytical instrumentation for a wide range of applications. QImaging - Offers high-performance CCD camera and imaging systems. Products include the Retiga and QICAM cameras for scientific and industrial applications, the MicroPublisher cameras for microscopy, publication and documentation applications, and cameras for OEM applications. Santa Barbara Instrument Group - Produces the ST series CCD cameras, STV autoguider, STS spectrograph and industrial imaging cameras and systems. On-line catalog, technical notes and an image gallery. Retriever Technology - Specializes in designing and building high performance digital image capture devices. Range of products include scientific grade thermo electric and cryogenic cooled CCD cameras and film densitometers. Company offers off the shelf or custom made solutions to satisfy customer needs. Roper Scientific, Inc. - Produces CCD, ICCD cameras and spectroscopy systems designed for biological sciences, physical sciences including astronomy, spectroscopy, and x-ray detection. C-Cam Technologies - Offers high performance digital CMOS sensors and cameras. Yankee Robotics, LLC - Manufactures the Trifid Astronomical Digital Camera, which is water cooled, features a high-speed USB 2.0 port and includes the AIP4WIN image processing software and book. DTA Scientific Instruments - Manufactures CCD cameras for a wide range of scientific applications and academic purposes including astronomy, physics, biology and spectroscopy. Other products include motorized filter wheels, motor zoom lenses and a two axes stepper controller. Fairchild Imaging - CCD and CMOS image sensors, OEM CCD cameras for industrial, medical, scientific and aerospace applications. Scientific Instrumentation Technology - High performance cooling and vacuum CCD camera assemblies, vacuum valves, chillers, filter changers and photometric shutters. ViewBits, Division of Computer Modules, Inc. - Manufactures specialty CMOS megapixel and X-ray cameras for the a variety of imaging applications. Moswell Co., Ltd. - Japanese manufacturer of high sensitivity CCD cameras for security, FA, astronomy, OEM and traffic surveillance. Moravian Instruments - Produces G2CCD series of scientific slow-scan, cooled CCD cameras for low-light conditions (astronomy, microscopy etc.). Technical documentation, image gallery, downloadable image processing software etc. Atik Instruments - Manufacturer of low cost CCD cameras and accessories for the amateur astronomer. Rice Camera Technologies - Industrial cameras for machine vision, cameras for robotics, and cameras for military imaging systems. These include CCD, LWIR, SWIR and infrared cameras. QHY CCD, Inc. - Astronomical cameras ranging from entry to professional, from CMOS to CCD, specially made for amateur astronomers worldwide. The Imaging Source - FireWire telescope cameras for astronomers and astrophotography. Buy direct from the manufacturer. Finger Lakes Instrumentation - Produces the MaxCam and IMG series CCD cameras for astronomical applications, color filter wheels, DF2 digital focuser and research grade filters. Stanford Computer Optics, Inc. - Specialists in ultra high speed ICCD cameras for scientific applications. Customized image intensified CCD camera technology providing 200 picoseconds gating time, measured full width at 1% of maximum.
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