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For politically-focused weblogs and personal journals written by supporters of the UK Liberal Democrats.
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Romseyredhead - Weblog of Sandra Gidley, the Liberal Democrat MP for Romsey. LibDem Blogs - Aggregated - Summary of the latest articles in several Liberal Democrat weblogs. Read today's postings from across the UK, or choose a weblog from the full list. Cicero's Songs - Weblog of James Oates. Musings on world events from the perspective of a social and an economic liberal. Liberal England - A mix of culture and politics from Jonathan Calder. Peter Black AM - Weblog of the Liberal Democrat Welsh Assembly Member. John Hemming's Web Log - Weblog of John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley. The sandals are off - Weblog of Stephen Guy, Liberal Democrat activist from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. No Geek is an Island - Weblog of Will Howells. Topics include liberal politics, genealogy, TV and music. Niles’s Blog - Weblog of Alex Foster, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Leen Valley ward on Nottingham City Council. A resurgent Liberal - Martin Tod, Liberal Democrat campaigner, writes on politics, innovation and technology. A Liberal Dose - Life, liberal politics and music from Lib Dem activist Neil Fawcett. Moonlight Over Essex - Weblog of Chris Black, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Downhall and Rawreth ward on Rochford District Council. Liberal Bureaucracy - Weblog of Mark Valladares, a political administrator. What You Can Get Away With - Weblog of Nick Barlow, a Liberal Democrat activist. The world goes round - Weblog of Matthew Pearce, Liberal Democrat from Swindon. Love and Liberty - Weblog of Alex Wilcock, Liberal Democrat from London. Jonathan Wallace - Weblog of Jonathan Wallace, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Whickham South and Sunniside ward on Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. Eaten by missionaries - Weblog of Iain Sharpe, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Oxhey ward on Watford Borough Council. The 3P's: Politics, Photos & Football - Weblog of Dave Radcliffe, Liberal Democrat from Birmingham. On Liberty, Online - Weblog of Joe Taylor, a Liberal Democrat from Sheffield. The Dissenter's Voice - Weblog of Charles Anglin, a Liberal Democrat from Lambeth. Eric Avebury - Weblog of Eric Lubbock, 4th Baron Avebury. Liberal Democrat Voice - Collaborative weblog for supporters of the Liberal Democrats (UK), run by Liberal Democrat activists. Anders Hanson - Weblog of Anders Hanson, Lib Dem activist living in Sheffield. Norfolk Blogger - Weblog of Nicholas Starling, a Liberal Democrat activist from Norwich. Anything Caron can do... - Weblog of Iain Dale, Irvine based Liberal Democrat activist. Aloadofoldstodge - Weblog of a Liberal Democrat from East London. The Webb log - Weblog of Steve Web, Liberal Democrat MP for Northavon. Just 474 votes to win - Weblog of Ed Fordham, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn. Bridget’s Blog - Weblog of Bridget Fox, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Islington South and Finsbury. The People’s Republic of Mortimer - Weblog of Alix Mortimer, Liberal Democrat from London. Jo Christie-Smith - Weblog of Jo Christie-Smith, Liberal Democrat activist from South East London. A Lanson Boy - Weblog of Alex Folkes, Liberal Democrat from Cornwall. Caron's Musings - An everyday tale of family and political life by Caron Lindsay. Gladstone Bag - William Ewart Gladstone's commentary on the third Millennium. Jock's Place - Weblog of Jock Coats, a Geo-Mutualist Liberal Democrat from Oxford. What Oor Willie Did Next - Weblog of Willie Rennie, Liberal Democrat MP for Dunfermline and West Fife. Mark Pack's blog - A weblog about politics, technology and history from a Liberal perspective. Charlotte Gore - A blog about life and politics from the point of view of a libertarian Liberal Democrat. The Artesea - Weblog of Ryan Cullen, Liberal Democrat activist. Liberal Vision - A group blog of Lib Dems supporting lower taxes, a smaller state and an extension of personal freedom. Liberal Burblings - Weblog of Paul Walter, Liberal Democrat activist. Lynne's Parliament and Haringey diary - Weblog of Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. Professor Paul Reynolds’ Blog - Weblog of professor Paul Reynolds, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for North West Leicestershire. The Collected Stephen Tall - Weblog of Stephen Tall, former Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford. Freethinking Economist - A voice of reason against illiberal nonsense. Miss S B - Weblog of Jennie Rigg, a Liberal Democrat from Yorkshire. Carl Minns - Thoughts from Hull - Weblog of Carl Minns, Liberal Democrat leader of the Hull City Council. Simon T. Kaye - Weblog of a Liberal Democrat in North East Hertfordshre. Nick Thornsby's Blog - Weblog of Nick Thornsby, a Liberal Democrat living in Rochdale. Scornedliberal - Thoughts of a Liberal and a (slightly annoyed) Lib Dem. And Then He Said... - Weblog of Andy Darley, ex-journalist and former Liberal politician living in London. Meols Lib Dems - Nigel Ashton - Southport Liberal Democrats, with news, views, events, election results and photo gallery.
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