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Includes industries and companies engaged in transforming livestock and agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption. Also included are manufacturers and distributors of food and beverage processing supplies and equipment, wholesalers, and services supporting industries in this sector, which include consulting, employment, marketing, associations, etc. Professional and industrial resources are also included.
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Baku Distillery of Champagne Vines - Information about champagne and wine producer and products. Cahan Holding - A group of companies offering a wide variety of services such as care sales, tobacco and distribution of soft drinks. Iki Ulduz - Information about candy and cookie producer, products and contacts. Ulduz Factory - About the chocolate and biscuit producer and its brands. Aznar Natural Products - Offers pomegranate products in Azerbaijan and internationally, information about cultivation and contacts in. Available in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages. SAB - About halal foods manufacturer and its products. Information is provided in Azerbaijani and English languages. Avrora Group - About manufacturer and retailer of various food products. Includes information regarding brands and contacts in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages. Royal Pome - Specializes in products made from pomegranate. Includes representatives contacts in Azerbaijan, Canada and Georgia. Baku Oil Factory - Produces various brands of oil and butter products. Bismak - About producer and distributor of various food products and its brands. Bizim Tarla - Produces fruit and vegetable preserves and jams. Includes a complete list of products and contacts in several languages. Baku-Prague - Information about a beer brewery in Azerbaijan, products and contacts. Caspian Crystal - About company's catering services and restaurants in Azerbaijan. Agro-Azerinvest - About a company from Gilan Holding specializing in wine making, and products. Lezzet Food Industry - Information about producer and distributor of various food products and brands
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