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Before you ask the editors to create a new subcategory please take the time to look around.
TIP: Go to the search engine and type in a few keywords that relate to your site. The search results will serve up listings of different categories. Go to those categories and see if one of them is right for you. You may have to do a few searches using different keywords that relate to your site.
Also, it is possible your site could more appropriately be placed under some other top level directory category such as Science or Society. Please find the closest related subcategory. It should be noted that the top level categories that are listed are very broad and also contain second, third, and sometimes fourth, fifth, and more levels of categories that may relate more closely to what you need for your listing. Make sure you have dug down deeply enough in the directory structure before you make a suggestion. If you list in the upper level categories, your listing could be moved to a lower level category or removed if not relevant. Thank you for your cooperation. --- As a "last" resort "after" you have exhausted all other methods --- If a related subcategory doesn't exist, you may contact one of the upper level editors and provide a suggestion. One of the editors will review your request. If it is truly not available, we will add the category and you can submit your URL to it. Note: You should not submit to the upper level categories.
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