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Wally's Wide World of Pranks - A large collection of pranks for school, office, home, dorm or everyday life. Pranks are tested for usability. Samples and directions are included. Ala Realm - A collection of links leading to various pranks and joke sites. The Center 2000 - Online pranks and funny pictures. Also includes a webring. S.E.P Anonymous Email - Contains the option to send fake emails, hoaxes, anonymous emails, and receive replies to it. NervousRat - Features prank calls, funny original videos, nasty humor for download and to be sent as greeting cards. PrankBot - Choose a prank, enter details about your friends, and PrankBot will play a practical joke on them. Prank Mail - Send a prank email to your friends, from the email address of your choice. Death By Laughter - Funny jokes, pictures, and quotes. Project Gaidaros - Follow college boys through their quest to prank New York City. Purity Trick - Send a purity test to a friend, and discover their answers. AIM Conversations - Random AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Rossford's Pranksters - Pranks executed by teens in the town of Rossford. Prankified - Visitors can share and discuss pranks, arrange into categories and rated for effectiveness. Who Dis? - Read prank conversations over AOL Instant Messenger. Funny Practical Jokes - Gags to amuse or torment friends, family and coworkers. Find The Ginger - A test of the six degrees of separation theory. The Farts - Offers stories, techniques, and sound files. Includes a message board. [English, Japanese] IQ Test For Free - Intelligence quiz, designed to be emailed to others. MailFool - Send e-mails which appear to be from someone else. A responsible prank e-mail system. PrankDial - Ideas for pranks, practical jokes, and mischief.
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