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The Lord of the Rings Online is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game based on The Lord of the Rings.
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IGN - Screenshots, videos, previews, news, and a message board. LotRO-Wiki - Detailed wiki of the game including information on races, classes, and quests. The Lord of the Rings - Official website with game information, developers diary, frequently asked questions and message boards. The Brasse - Provides maps, quests and guides for earlier parts of the game. Lotro Life - Provides daily news, game guides and web comics. - LOTRO - Provides news, forums, guides and a database of game information. Lord of the Rings Online News Blog - Fansite with news, articles, guides and videos. RPGtutor - Sells a gold-making guide. Dynamic Map - Runs an interactive atlas of in-game areas including Mines of Moria. Darzil's Crafting Guide - Presents the crafting professions of the game with stats for the produced items. Lotro Weekly - The blog offers news and guides on the game and an interactive conjuction guide. LoTROInterface - An interface customization community for the game, offering downloads and forums. Steeds of Middle Earth - Complete list, information and guide to horses, ponies, and other mounts in the game. Every horse, pony, goat and mount are presented with all information as to how to get them. Compiled and created by Calddir Nenharma of the Swifty and Hammo Kinship of Arkenstone. LOTRO Community - Forum that provides game updates, class details and other information about the game. - Offers a list of downloadable abc music files for the game with instructions. Lotro Fashion - A weblog dedicated to cosmetics in the game. The Black Appendage of Sauron - The creep tribe on the server Elendimir offers PvMP statistics on a daily basis, a Monster manual and forums. TenTonHammer - Offers news, articles, game guides, maps and media downloads.
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