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The category contains software designed for the DOS operating system.
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Interesting DOS programs - A collection of links to mostly freeware DOS programs. Includes sound, graphics, screen savers, utilities, programming tools, and DOS alternatives. HexEd - Small hexadecimal editor with turbo vision style interface, which is consistent on all platforms. DOS version listed under the "old" downloads section. FileC - Filename completion for DOS, Windows 95/98/Me. At the command line prompt, type the first few letters of a filename, then hit Tab; FileC fills in the rest of the name. DWin - An Open Source GUI and multitasking system for DOS. Will run on 8086 and takes up very little memory. Flashback to Command Prompt - Links to batch files and utilities to take advantage of 4DOS and Take Command. LFNSORT - A utility to sort Windows' long filenames on a disk. DOG - A replacement for COMMAND.COM designed to make DOS faster and easier to use. CuteMouse - An open source mouse driver for DOS. It's completely written in assembly for speed and small memory footprint. (Included with FreeDOS; works with others.) Seal - A DOS GUI similar to GEM, OS/2, and Windows. Designed for DOS programmers and users alike. If you do much programming for DOS, this GUI makes it easier for you. Nansi and NNansi - Enhanced versions of ANSI.SYS. Purported to be faster than ANSI.SYS and includes extra features. JHB: My Programs - DOS programs written by J.H. Bass: ASCII reference table, Browser to search for and uncompress Zip files, electronic calendar, electronic piano, math tutor, games: Hangman, Ludo, Rescue, Five in a Row. DOS Driver Page - Collection of drivers and utility software to help with running DOS and DOS applications on modern hardware. Includes several sound card and video drivers. BTTR Software - A hobbyist project that provides various open source programs for 80x86-based computers running DOS-compatible operating systems. PCOS Development HQ - Presents this open source project whose goal is to release a shell ( replacement) for any flavor of DOS. 4DOS Info - A free command processor, materials, batches, aliases, functions.
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