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Antiword - A free MS Word document reader for OS/2 and other operating systems. EmTec Terminal Emulator and Telnet/SSH Client - Telnet and SSH terminal emulator for OS/2 and Windows. Synchronet - Multinode BBS Software Warpzilla - Mozilla ported to OS/2. Mozilla is the core of Netscape Communicator 6. NFTP - Text mode FTP client for OS/2 and many other operating systems. SANE Home Page - Scanner Access Now Easy ChipChat Technology Group - Internet Services, Micro Channel Sound Cards, and Text-Paging Software for OS/2. Perez Computing Service - Developers of OS/2 and DOS software: Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander, IPF Editor. Brian Havard's Home Page - Home of File Commander, the Norton clone, Warpster, a Napster port, and Apache/2. Blonde Guy, LLC - Software, hardware and consulting for OS/2 and eComStation. Suntan Special software written by Blonde Guy distributes latest software and patches for OS/2 and eComStation. Paul Ratcliffe's OS/2 Software - Links to the latest versions of Paul Ratcliffe's OS/2 Software Unix Ports for OS/2 & eCS - Ported software including GCC, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ghostscript and Subversion. The OS/2 Benchmark Centre - SYSBENCH benchmark 0.9.5 for OS/2 software and test results from Trevor Hemsley. Astrolog for OS/2 - Astrology Calculation, Charting and Analysis Software eCSoft/2 - Index of free and commercial software for OS/2 and eComStation. OS/2 to Linux Porting Package - Set of OS/2 header files to be used to recompile your OS/2 application and a Linux Shared Object library that supplies the OS/2 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). GlassMan Software - Free and shareware software for OS/2. Astronomical and Space-Related OS/2 Software - Software from Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS): Blackbody Radiation, Ephemeris calculator, Lunar phases calculator, simulations. Requires SEDS login. PMView Pro - Shareware image viewer, editor, and converter for OS/2 and Windows. Free trial download. GP-PARI for DOS and OS/2 - System for high speed, high precision calculation. Includes functions to work with polynomials, matrices, vectors, sums, products, power series, etc. The OS/2 Information and Software Collection - Recommendations by Peter Moylan. Includes basic concepts of OS/2, and tuning tips. Software including FtpServer, Web Family Tree, and KeyCalc. OS/2 programs by Herwig Bauernfeind - PDFMerge, PMDCalc, WPIView, eRedMan and FotoGet/2 software. NewView - Replacement for the OS/2 or eComStation Help Viewer. OS/2 Warp Nanjaku Project - Japanese messaging software: POP Mail Checker, Telnet Chatter and DayTalk. The eCS Dump - FTE/2 Text Editor, Zip/Unzip and PMVNC. Tyra/2 - OS/2 Config.sys Editor. Displays the statements in config.sys file in a notebook for editing. Free download of evaluation copy. NYAOS - Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell. 4OS2 - Replacement for IBM's OS/2 standard command interpreter. Maison Anglais - Maul Publisher, IP Spool, Program Editor, PM Make, Calculator and Clock. SubSys - Add-ons for OS/2 and eComstation. Z-Works - Applications for the OS/2 Warp and eCS: sqlMate, VistaCam, CDMagic and The Backup Demon. XCenter Widgets - A list of plugins to be used with XCenter and eCenter. A Playground of Thoughts - NPS WPS Enhancer, NPS-Zoom and PackMan Archive Manager. MED - Syntax-sensitive text editor and integrated development system. [German/English] Phoenix Software International: (E)JES Workstation Component - Client/server software for JES3 on OS/390. Wim's home page - Wim's eCS-OS/2 website: USB devices, scanners and cameras. DFSee - A tool for partitioning, data recovery, partition table repair, undelete, resize, imaging and cloning. eCS, it is very much alive - Software reviews by Joop Nijenhuis. Contains links to Java programs, with sample reports and screenshots. Bww bitwise works - Offers InJoy Firewall for several platforms, including OS/2. - eCS technical tips, collection of free software for OS/2 and eCS.
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