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Application and third party software for the VMS operating system.
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OpenVMS Pine - OpenVMS port of the Pine email package for OpenVMS. Maintained by the Pantomime project. Point Secure - VMS intrusion detection systems. Boston Business Computing - Software tools and services to assist in migrating from OpenVMS to Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating systems. COMTEK - SNMP Agents for VMS - Monitor and Manage OpenVMS systems from any SNMP Manager. Down To Earth - Business software for use with the VMS operating system. GrayMatter Software Corporation - High-quality software products and services. Products includes ScriptServer Printing System, and the XENTIS Information System. Process Software - IP management and online service software. GNU's Not VMS - GNU's Not VMS is a project to port available GNU software to the VMS operating system. Ruslan R. Laishev's Personal Projects - A software collection for the OpenVMS operating system. OpenVMS ports of Freeware Software - A list of freeware software for OpenVMS. The list includes links to sites to obtain additional patches and other software prerequisites to build the freeware on OpenVMS. Neil Rieck's compilation of OpenVMS material - A list of links to OpenVMS information. Includes an list of example programs in the "Programmer's Corner". WASD OpenVMS HTTP Services Package - Demonstration site for the WASD OpenVMS Hypertext Services Package. An HTTP server, with CGI scripts, Secure Sockets Layer capability, on-line administration. Empowered by OpenVMS . OpenVMS Freeware - Directory of freely available software for OpenVMS. JAMS: Job Access and Management System - A commercial job scheduling software package by MVP Systems.
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