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Chameleon Clock - Standard tray clock skinned using Winamp skins and bitmap digits, and offers all necessary clock functions, alarms, time adjusting via Internet and timezones. ClockDummy - Atomic clock software which can speak the time, synchronize the PC clock, and enhance the graphics of the taskbar clock. TimesOwn - Program to tell you what time it is now in any time zone in the world. Adjusts for daylight savings and calculates global time differences. AltrixSoft - Atomic Clock Time Software - Offers Chronograph, software for Windows that synchronize PC clock to Atomic Time. Tardis 2000 - Can find out what the right time is by accessing Internet-based Atomic Clocks, using networked time-servers, GPS (The Global Positioning System), and by listening for time broadcasts over a LAN. TimeLeft - Clock, reminder, alarm clock, countdown, stopwatch and time synchronization utility using Winamp skins to show digits and text. Features include original design, different effects of digits show, options for customization and a tutorial. Two editions are available free and shareware. Trout's Internet Clock - Analog desktop clock, scheduler, time synchronizer, and world clocks for different time zones. Uses Microsoft Agent technology for text-to-speech announcements. Hours and Minutes - A background application that keeps track of what you're doing. It logs active time, and has the ability to create a timesheet. HiClock - Synchronize the system clock to the exact time using the Internet. The program has two alarm clocks and supports skins. Once set up the host computer can serve as a timeserver to any size network. Time Recorder - Record the start time and end time of events, reminding one of everything, also can be used as a memo or diary. DateTray - System tray date display and calendar for Windows 95/98/NT. Time Sled - Comfortable time tracking utility. Acute Softwares Timer - Windows software featuring multiple alarms, stopwatches and timers. Absolute Time Corrector - Synchronize local PC time using the NIST Internet Time Service or LAN timeservers. Time Zones for PCs - Find the current time for anywhere in the world, correctly adjusted for daylight saving. Free 30 day trial software download includes a time zone converter, desktop clocks, and alarms. XNote Stopwatch - Digital stopwatch and countdown timer utility to measure time intervals in decimal seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. Atom Time Synchronizer - Clock will periodically check and synchronize the computers time with a NIST atomic time server, or synchronize time between computers, and can act as a timeserver. Little Multi Clock - An intuitive application to automatically synchronize a time clock with one of the U.S. atomic time clocks and it provides useful tools and options in working with accurate times. Horas - Unobtrusive desktop world clock that displays the time in multiple time zones. Includes a time converter, a calendar, atomic time synchronization, and many styles and formats. Elprime Software - Elprime Clock - A skinnable analog clock, transparent in Windows 2000/XP/95/98/Me. It can automatically disappear when the mouse cursor moves over it. Synchronize time with atomic clock/LAN and has advanced alarm scheduler and handy calendar. a-TimeSync - It can periodically check and synchronize the computer time with NIST atomic time servers with HTTP/Socks4/Socks4A/Socks5 proxy support, or synchronize time between computers, and can also act as a time server. Alarm++ - Set multiple alarms that can display messages, run applications, send e-mail, and others. Specify if you want the alarm to display a message, play a sound, start an application, open a folder, or go to a web page. Talking Time Keeper - Software will speak the time or date, featuring a calendar, reminders, alarms, countdown timers, and GUI with animated time lapse photography of the sky. Desktop Atomic Clock - PC clock synchronization software solution for individual (home) users. Program to synchronize the PC clock with an atomic clock over the Internet. [Win 9x/NT 4.0/Me/2000/XP] Say the Time - Hear the time, set alarms, style the taskbar clock, and synchronize the PC time, and other functions. Advanced Time Synchronizer - Synchronizes a PC clock with a public time server over the Internet. Desktop clock - Features include time voice preview, daily planner, shutdown PC or log off, countdown timer, changeable clock hands and frame, PC work time, fifty RSS channels.
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