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EldoS - Offers original software and developer tools for end-users and software developers. - List of the most common DLL-files that suddenly disappear. Wine Development HQ - Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix. WineHQ is a collection of resources for Wine developers and users. Kermit 95 for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and OS/2 - Freeware terminal emulation and file transfer package, with scripting capabilities and multiple character sets, for modem, standard or secure TCP/IP, serial, DECnet, and NetBios connections. - Download, request, and get information on old versions of software. Includes a search and forum. WorldFlash Software, Inc. - WorldFlash is an Internet agent for Windows 95/NT4 that displays up to the minute news headlines, stock quotes, weather forecasts while you surf the Web. OSL2000 R3 - Multi OS booter - A universal boot manager. If your system has multiple OSs like Linux, Win3.1/95/98/NT/2000, DOS, OS/2, Solaris, FreeBSD, BeOS, you can use OSL2000 to easily boot the OS of your choice. Shetef Solutions - Windows registry and system security shareware applications. DOSLFNBK - Backs up/restores Win95 long filenames in DOS. ClipMate - Enhancement for the Windows clipboard, it remembers everything that is copied, allowing one to organize, edit, reformat, combine, and print data. Includes a built-in text and HTML editor. PawSense - Protects your computer from cats walking on the keyboard and entering random data or commands. PawSense helps your computer know the difference between human typing and cat typing. Clear and Simple - Publishers of DiskJockey file manager, viewer, zip, unzip, FTP tool for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and OS/2. Nutrabalance - Computerized individualized nutritional analysis software services. RsoFT - Offers shareware and freeware utilities for Windows and Palm software. Dependency Walker - Scans 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, and others), and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. Typhoon Software - Use AutoRun to create self-starting CD-ROMs. Online manual, FAQs, screen shots, and downloads. ETO Software - Offers the development of software with the newest tools and technologies for e-commerce, database applications and CAD for different sectors. Starfish Bay - Offers a software utility for automatically positioning your windows and other tasks as well as a personal webserver. GPP Software - Develops stand alone or networked database applications, inventory databases, CRM systems, and help desk dall logging. PGWare - Develops software both for the developer and consumer. Ancoris - Integrator of enterprise security and systems management solutions, helping to coordinate, control, and centralise IT security management. - Offers dll file downloads to replace missing or corrupted system files. Automize - System and data automation for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux. Tasks include secure FTP, synchronization, encryption and backup. Free trial versions available. Registry Guide for Windows - Provides a range of registry tweaks, tricks and hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and Windows Me operating systems. CyD Software Labs - Produce software for home and Internet users, Web design, network administration and software developers. Klipfolio - Modular software that offers the ability to monitor various types of data, including RSS feeds, weather, and system information. XP Smoker - WareSoft Software offers utilities to change settings in the Windows registry to increase speed and delete unnecessary services. WinCatalog Light - Utility for cataloging disks and files, its main asset is the ability to access any disk's table of contents even if the disk is inaccessible at the moment. Restorator - Resource editor allowing for customization of .exe applications, and localization of programs by editing resources directly in the .res, .exe and .dll files. NoteWorthy ArtWare, Inc. - Download NoteWorthy Composer, notation processor for Windows. It allows you to create, record, edit, print, and play music. Freeware NoteWorthy Player also available for download. Realtime Soft UltraMon - A utility for multi-monitor systems, designed to increase productivity. Allows to move and maximize windows across the desktop. Includes an extended Taskbar. Listary - Instant access to visited and favourite folders and files. Fuzzy navigation and filtering. The GNU-Win32 Project - Tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools and utilities for Windows 95/98, and NT. They function by using the Cygwin library that provides an UNIX-like API on top of the Win32 API. Chocolatey - A Machine Package Manager, like apt-get for Windows. Npackd - An application store/package manager/marketplace for applications. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker - For tweaking the taskbar of Windows. It provides options like disabling grouping and previews, middle-click to close, and similar features.
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