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COBOL Portal - resource site for Cobol developers. Cobol related news, programming tips, resources and everything Cobol. Mainframe, Midrange and Micro Computers - Large collection of links and resources for enterprise computing with an emphasis on MVS and COBOL. Year 2000 Parable - Humorous tale of a Y2K COBOL consultant who has himself cryogenically frozen in order to avoid the Big Day. Hello World Program - COBOL source code for this traditional, beginner's programming exercise. The Wit and Wisdom of Grace Hopper - Life was simple before World War II. After that, we had systems. COBOL: IBM Technical Help Forum - Tek-Tips IBM COBOL technical support forum. Mutual help system for computer professionals. The SimoTime COBOL Connection - Find out how to do bit-manipulation, display a field in hex-dump format, access a parameter provided from JCL and other tricks. It is all done in COBOL and the source code may be downloaded. What Is COBOL? - Definition of COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language), the most popular and widely-used business programming language today in terms of running programs. COBOL Programmers Back In The Game - - You're wrong if you think COBOL programmers are doomed to go the way of the Edsel. COBOL developers who know the Internet can write their own job ticket. COBOL Programming Language: Hello World! - Sample COBOL source code for beginners.
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